Frog ( (かえる) Kaeru?) is the Quirk of Tsuyu Asui.[1]


Frog is the summation of Tsuyu's many frog-related abilities.

This includes great leaping (and thus kicking) ability, wall clinging, a powerful extending tongue, camouflaging and fast swimming. Tsuyu appears to have access to all abilities used by frogs, regardless of breed.

Tsuyu's stomach is capable of inflating, which allows her to secrete an irritating toxin contained in the walls of her stomach. Tsuyu can further use her stomach to store items that she swallows, regurgitating them out if necessary.[2][3]

As frogs are cold-blooded creatures, Tsuyu is sensitive to the cold, with prolonged exposure preventing her Quirk from being used while additionally making her feel drowsy and lethargic.[4] Exposure to sudden cold puts Tsuyu into a hibernation-like state, rendering her completely unable to do anything.[5]


With Frog, Tsuyu excels in aquatic environments, with her frog anatomy letting her move freely through water without losing strength or agility. She's proficient in fighting and/or rescuing victims underwater, making her very useful for missions taking place in those situations.

However, she is shown to be more than agile and acrobatic on land too, since she can leap very high and cling to walls. While Tsuyu walks like a normal person just fine, she has never been shown running, instead hopping on all fours like a typical frog. When stuck to a wall, she moves around by crawling.

Tsuyu makes great use of her tongue to reach faraway objects or rescue those in danger, as it is able to extend quickly and very far. Her tongue is strong enough to carry a person and launch them a fair distance. Tsuyu can also swing it fast enough to use as a whip.

Named Super Moves

  • Camouflage ( () () ( しょく) Hogoshoku?): Tsuyu can change the coloring of her body to match with the surrounding environment, allowing for sneak attacks.[6]


  • This Quirk appears to be hugely inspired by the superpowers of X-Men character Toad, a mutant and recurring villain in the series. Ironically, whereas Toad is mostly seen as a joke, Tsuyu's abilities are often commended as extremely reliable and practical.


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External Links

  • Frog - Wikipedia article about the animal this Quirk's abilities are based on.
  • Toad (comics) - Wikipedia article about the character that most likely inspired this Quirk.

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