Foresight is a Quirk used by Sir Nighteye.


This Quirk activates by first touching a target and then making eye contact with them. Once these conditions have been met, Nighteye gains the ability to accurately predict all of the target's future moves and actions for an entire hour.[1]

While his Quirk is in use, Nighteye is capable of watching the target's future lifetime from a third-person perspective that showcases the target themself and their immediate surroundings, in a manner similar to a flashback.[2] Nighteye does not appear to have a limit to how much he is able to see into the future, being able to foresee events that are years beyond present time. The drawback to this ability is that Nighteye is incapable of giving a precise date to when said events will happen, thus having to rely on rough estimates;[3] the events themselves still end up happening sooner or later, with the the outcome shown in Nighteye's vision being apparently impossible to change.[4]

Once Foresight is activated, Nighteye requires a 24-hour interval before he is able to activate it again.[2] The conditions to activate this Quirk are considered a company secret, presumably to keep potential opponents in the dark about his abilities.[1]


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