"Remember this lesson, Red Riot!! When fighting villains...quickly making them lose the will to fight is everything!!"

Taishiro to Eijiro Kirishima in "Guts! Let's go, Red Riot!"

Taishiro Toyomitsu (豊満太志郎 Toyomitsu Taishirō?), also known as BMI Hero "Fat Gum", is a Pro Hero. He employs Tamaki Amajiki and Eijiro Kirishima for their internship.


Taishiro Color Scheme

Taishiro's color scheme.

In his fat form, Taishiro is a big, round man, easily towering over other adults. In this form, his mouth seems to be enormous, and his nose looks smaller, which, alongside his odd body proportions, give him a cartoony look. After burning through his fat however, it is revealed that he is quite muscular, and his body adopts conventional proportions.

His hero costume consists of black pants and an orange zippered hood, which has the initials of his alias on the front. Alongside them, he also wears gloves, metallic boots, and a dark mask that covers his eyes and most of his forehead.


Taishiro mainly appears to be constantly hungry, which leads him to eat a lot. He is very friendly towards civilians and other Heroes, appearing to be a playful and carefree person. However, he can be extremely serious when the situation demands it, always following the work ethic of a Hero.

Whenever he tries to focus on doing the right thing, he can become quite impulsive, especially when lifes are at stake, in which case, he becomes utterly enraged. Because of that, he is rather impatient, disapproving of operations that take too long to devise.

Due to the time he spent working for the police, Taishiro is very knowledgeable about underworld trends and ways to identify them. He is capable of recognizing potential when he sees it, complimenting Tamaki's prowess as a hero, though the latter thinks of it as harassment.


Prior to being a Pro Hero, Taishiro worked with the police and was familiar with cases involving Quirk enhancing drugs.


Internship Arc

Taishiro is first introduced as he, Tamaki and Eijiro are on patrol, and he is seen eating an entire board of takoyaki. When a group of villains appears, he allows Eijiro and Tamaki to take care of the situation, but one of them shoots Tamaki with a quirk destroying bullet, leaving him temporarily unable to use his quirk. Eijiro soon gives chase, and confronts the shooter despite being at a disadvantage, as the shooter took a quirk enhancing drug. Eijiro manages to hold him off, however, he escapes at the last second, only for Taishiro to intercept him and neutralize him with his own quirk.

Later on, he is seen at Sir Nighteye's meeting, where he reveals the bullet that hit Tamaki contained human cells, and is enraged by the fact and because it would take some time to formulate a plan. He protests against Lockrock demanding Eijiro and the other students be left out of the meeting, as they all have fought against villains related to the case.

When Sir Nighteye reveals they are assaulting the Yakuza residence soon, Taishiro alongside other heroes get ready for the upcoming conflict. As they enter the residence, they are attacked by several henchmen, but the police and some of the heroes hold them busy while the main group advances. After an ambush by three of the Eight precepts of death, he trusts Tamaki to take care of them, and he continues moving forward. He is soon split from the main group alongside Eijiro, and is forced to fight to of the other precepts.

They are mocked because Eijiro and himself are a "shield and shield" pair, while the precepts are "shield and spear", thus holding an offensive advantage. However, he manages to endure several assaults against the precepts, and thanks to Eijiro's efforts, manages to deliver a crippling blow to their enemies.

Quirk and Abilities

Fat Adsorption: Taishiro's obese body can adhere to anything and force objects to sink into him. His fat can also store kinetic energy, which he can convert into muscle at he cost of his fat. However, he appears to have a limit on how much energy he can store in his fat.


  • Spear: After absorbing several blows, Taishiro can turn all of the absorbed force into a "spear", allowing him to deal back all of the impact he took as a single hit. Doing so burns his defense-fat and takes a massive amount of energy, turning him into a more slender version of himself.

Enhanced Strength: Taishiro is shown to have above average strength as he was able to grab hold of multiple villains and keep them in his grip while using his Quirk. He can also crush two pieces of hard candy with his bare hand.

Enhanced Durability: Taishiro has great durability thanks to his Quirk. He was able to take several assaults from Rappa's powerful bullet punches and keep standing, whereas Eijiro's maximum Hardening was barely able to defend against one of Rappa's assaults.

Enhanced Agility: Despite his stature, Taishiro's speed is rather impressive, as he was able to react quickly against troubling situations.


Tamaki Amajiki

Taishiro employed Tamaki for his internship and has since worked together with him. The relationship between the two can be deemed as friendly, though Tamaki seems to perceive their work relationship a little more negatively, particularly when they discuss his fragile mentality.

As he has worked with Tamaki personally, Taishiro sees a lot of potential in Tamaki, praising his abilities to be above most pro heroes. But he also understands Tamaki's flaws and weaknesses and is shown to be concerned for Tamaki when he is placed under a lot of pressure. Nevertheless, he demonstrates a great deal of confidence in Tamaki despite his hesitation, as he allowed Tamaki to face off against three villains on his own.

Eijiro Kirishima

Taishiro employed Kirishima through Tamaki's recommendation. Taishiro sees a great deal of potential in Kirishima and praises his prowess. After the battle against Rappa and Tengai, Taishiro admitted that he had underestimated Eijiro and acknowledged his manly heart.

Sir Nighteye

The two pro heroes are acquainted with one another and recognize each other's abilities. However, Taishiro's overly emotional personality conflicts with Nighteye's calculative nature. Taishiro does not approve of Nighteye's calculating methods, as seen during their meeting regarding Eri and the Eight Precepts of Death.


  • Taishiro's shape and appearance resembles a Matryoshka doll.
  • Taishiro likes takoyaki.
  • Because of his round and soft appearance, when Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui first see him, they think of him as "cute".


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