Erasure ( (まっ) (しょう) Masshō?) is a Quirk used by Shota Aizawa.


Erasure allows Shota to cancel other Quirk powers and abilities simply by looking at the target.[1]

Shota erasure

Shota's appearance while using his Quirk.

When Erasure is activated, Shota is able to disable a person's "Quirk Factor" for as long as he concentrates on his target, rendering any Quirk affected unusable. Shota only needs one part of the target's body to be within his sights for Erasure to take effect. Since most people in the world rely on Quirks for combat purposes, this makes Shota an extremely bothersome opponent for anyone to deal with. Shota's hair stands upwards and his eyes glow in a bright red color whenever Erasure is in use. Its effects wear off if Shota shuts his eyes (which includes the act of blinking) or looks away from the person he's targeting. [2][3][4][5]

Erasure does not affect appendages originated from Mutant-type Quirks, but it can impair their function as the Quirk Factor incorporates all the mechanisms necessary for a Quirk to work properly. Physical strength or abilities not derived from Quirks are unaffected.[6] Avoiding the effects of Erasure is possible by covering one's entire body with clothing or some other material, or by hiding oneself from view through a solid, opaque structure.


Shota's usual battle tactic consists of cancelling an opponent's Quirk and them using his Capturing Weapon in conjunction with his high agility to easily defeat or restrain them.

Shota wears a pair of goggles that hides his eyes from view. With this, enemies are left wondering if they are being affected by Erasure in situations where Shota's vastly outnumbered, as they become unable to notice the movement of his eyes. Whenever Shota's Quirk gets interrupted, his hair falls down to its original position, which an observant enemy can take advantage of by predicting a potential opening for an attack.

The after-effects of the injuries he sustained during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc had negative consequences to Shota's Quirk. There's now a recharge interval between Erasure's deactivation and a new activation, with Shota requiring said interval to pass before he is allowed to use his Quirk again.

Shota suffers from dry eye syndrome, which limits the amount of time he can keep Erasure active. Because of this, he carries a small bottle of eye drops with him at all times.


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  • Dry eye syndrome - Wikipedia article about the medical condition that manifests on Shota when he overuses his Quirk.

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