"Time to Pick Some Names" is the twenty-sixth episode of the My Hero Academia Anime and the thirteenth episode of Season 2.


Two days after the Sports Festival, Izuku is on a train to U.A. While on the train, some of the passengers recognize him from the Sports Festival, acknowledging his prowess. At U.A., Tenya is running and passes by Izuku, telling him that they should be at least ten minutes earlier for school. After arriving inside, Tenya tells Izuku that he does not have to be worried about his older brother as he will be fine and apologizes for causing him unnecessary concern.

In their class, the students of Class 1-A are discussing the attention they received from the Sports Festival. Class 1-A's homeroom teacher, Shota, enters, causing everyone to hurry back to their seats. Shota has fully recovered from his injuries, no longer needing to wear bandages. Shota tells his students that their Hero Informatics Period will be about formulating their Hero names, much to their excitement. Shota says that the formulation of their potential Hero names are due to the nominations by Pro Heroes. He says that the nominations from the Pro Heroes this year are more akin to expressions of interest in their potential futures. Shota shows his class their tally of nominations, saying that the tally of nominations are usually more balanced but this year the attention points to Katsuki and Shoto. Shota says that regardless of whether or not they received nominations he will be having them go get work-place experience. Shota says that they did get first hand experience at the USJ unfortunately but he thinks that experiencing the activities of Pro Heroes first hand will prove to be more fruitful training. Soon, Midnight arrives to which Shota explains to his class that he requested Midnight to evaluate their hero names. Shota tells his class that the way their futures end up will depend on the image projected by the Hero names they choose.

Midnight gives Class 1-A 15 minutes to decide on Hero names. After 15 minutes have passed, each student starts to reveal the Hero name they chose.

After most of the Class 1-A have revealed their Hero names, only Izuku and Tenya are left (besides Katsuki who needs to change his name). Tenya has struggled in deciding whether to use his older brother's Hero name Ingenium or not (after Tensei asked Tenya to take up the torch due to his legs being completely crippled and thus cannot continue being a Hero). Eventually, Tenya is unable to bring himself to use Tensei's Hero name and instead uses his own name as his Hero name.

Izuku is the last student yet to reveal his Hero name. Izuku reveals his Hero name, causing some of his classmates to comment if he is okay with it, to which Izuku replies that up until now he didn't like it at all. Izuku says, however, that someone came along and changed the meaning of the name making him happy. Izuku reveals his Hero name to be Deku, saying with confidence that Deku will be his Hero name. Katsuki looks on in anger while Ochaco smiles at Izuku's Hero name.

In U.A.'s Faculty room. Cementoss informs All Might that a new nomination has just arrived for the freshmen, telling All Might that the nomination is for Izuku. Excited, All Might goes to check who nominated Izuku. As he checks, All Might becomes flabbergasted at the person who nominated Izuku. Back in Class 1-A, Katsuki changes his Hero name to Baron of Explodo-Kills but Midnight comments that the name won't do.

After Class 1-A has finished formulating their Hero names, Shota tells his students that their field training will be one week long. He says that the students who received nominations will get a personalized list of workplaces to choose from. Shota gives the students who didn't receive nominations lists that have 40 work places to choose from. Shota tells his class to choose one work place from their respective lists, saying that they have until the end of the week to make their work place choices.

After school that day, All Might appears in front of Izuku Midoriya as he is about to leave class. All Might and Izuku walk along the corridor. All Might says that Izuku received a nomination, much to Izuku's surprise. All Might tells Izuku that the person who nominated him was Gran Torino. All Might explains that Gran Torino was a Pro Hero who taught at U.A. for one year and that Gran Torino was his homeroom teacher. All Might says that Gran Torino was a close friend of his predecessor, but now he is in retirement. All Might says that Gran Torino knows about the One For All Quirk which is the reason why he must have nominated Izuku. Izuku notes that even All Might is nervous from talking about Gran Torino, wondering how scary the retired Pro Hero was. All Might tells Izuku that while it is his duty to train him, he should select Gran Torino as his work place of choice and go see what he can learn from him. Before leaving, Thus, Izuku chooses Gran Torino as his work place to train at.

At the same time in the staff room, Shota is surprised that some of his students chose the work place that they want to train at already. He looks at Tenya Iida's work place choice which is the Hosu City Hero Office, noting that there were better nominations for him to choose from.

While waiting for workplace training to arrive, Izuku learns on the news that Tenya's brother, Ingenium, was gravely injured by the villain known as the Hero Killer Stain, who is responsible for killing 23 heroes and severely injuring 17 others. The day of the work place field training arrives. Shota Aizawa is at the station with his class to escort them to their work places safely. Shota tells his students that while they do have their Hero costumes with them he reminds them not to wear them in public and not to lose them. Shota tells them to have manners and wishes them luck. As Tenya walks to his train, Izuku tells Tenya that if he needs someone to talk to he can talk to him and Ochaco (with her nodding in agreement) as they are his friends. Tenya replies that he will. However, as he walks away, Tenya is shown with a scowl on his face.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Anime & Manga Differences

  • Present Mic giving Shota Aizawa his Hero name is added in the anime.
  • All Might telling Izuku that his hero costume is repaired is not in the anime.
  • Information regarding Stain is added earlier in the anime.

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