"All Might" is the 12th episode of the My Hero Academia anime.


All Might says that he knows what is going on due to running into Tenya along the way. All Might rips his tie and takes off his blazer while saying that everything will be fine because he is here. All Might uses his super speed and instantly defeats the remaining villains in the Central Plaza, then goes to pick up the beaten Shouta. Using his super speed again, All Might rescues Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru from the clutches of Tomura and Nomu. All Might then puts them down at a safe distance, telling the three to go to the entrance and leaves Shota in their hands. Izuku tries to warn All Might about Nomu but All Might tells him it is all right.

All Might begins his battle with the League of Villains, attacking Nomu with Carolina Smash, but Nomu retaliates with a punch but All Might dodges it and hits Nomu with a punch. All Might realizes that his attacks are having no effect. All Might grabs Nomu and uses a supplex on Nomu, smashing Nomu into the ground. However, Kurogiri intervenes, using his Quirk to save Nomu and allowing Nomu to turn the tables on All Might by grabbing onto his weak spot. Kurogiri prepares to carry out his duty to eviscerate All Might. Izuku, seeing All Might in trouble, decides to help his mentor and rushes to him. Suddenly, Katsuki appears, using an Explosion on Kurogiri and then grabs his plates which pins him down. Shoto appears and freezes half of Nomu's body and Eijiro tries to attack Tomura but Tomura dodges him.

Thanks to Shoto freezing half of Nomu's body, All Might escapes from Nomu's grasp. Katsuki continues to hold Kurogiri down, warning him not to try anything funny. Tomura orders Nomu to take out Katsuki and recover their gateway. Nomu gets up from the ground but his frozen half shatters in the process. However, Nomu starts to regenerate his wounds and returns to normal. Nomu attacks Katsuki, but All Might protects Katsuki from Nomu's attack. In the process, Kurogiri is freed from Katsuki's clutches and returns to Tomura's side. After seeing All Might protect Katsuki, Tomura begins to talk about violence; that both Heroes and Villains use violence to protect their respective comrades. He continues to say that the title "Symbol of Peace" is nothing more than an oppressive form of violence, accusing All Might of using the title to create more violence, but All Might calls it rubbish. All Might and Noumu attack each other and engage in a fist fight. All Might decides to surpass his 100% after seeing that his attacks are having minimal effect. All Might launches a devastating punch against Nomu, sending Nomu flying out of the USJ, defeating him. Tomura is shocked at what transpired.

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