Encounter with the Unknown (未知との遭遇 Michi to no Sōgū?) is the tenth episode of the My Hero Academia anime.


Aizawa vs villains 2

Eraserhead takes out the firing squad

Villains appear in the plaza of the U.S.J., lead by three mysterious villains. One of them notices that All Might is not among the class. He and colleague review that All Might was supposed to be teaching the class, according to a schedule procured from the previous day. Aizawa recognizes that the villains are truly the recent U.A. intruders. One of the villains, Tomura Shigaraki, is disappointed that All Might is absent. He ponders if the Symbol of Peace will arrive after they've murdered the students. 

Aizawa takes charge, ordering Thirteen to evacuate the students and contact U.A. High. Izuku has concerns about Aizawa fighting against the villains, but Eraserhead reassures him and leaps into battle. A firing squad sets their sights on Eraserhead, but he uses his Quirk to cancel each of theirs out and knocks them out using his capture weapon. The villains recognize him as the pro hero Eraserhead and reveal his quirk before A mutant type Quirk using villain confronts him. The villain knows Eraserhead's Quirk can't cancel out his own and attacks. Eraserhead easily counters him by keeping the villain at a distance using the capture weapon. 

Class 1-A Warped

Class 1-A warped by Kurogiri

Meanwhile, Tenya tells a surprised Izuku to move as they follow Thirteen and Class 1-A in an attempt to evacuate, but the villain Kurogiri stops them by using his warping Quirk. He introduces himself as a member of the League of Villains and discloses that their goal is to kill All Might. Katsuki and Kirishima hastily attack him but to no effect. Before Thirteen can use her Quirk on him, Kurogiri separates the class by warping them into the various simulation zones. 

Izuku is transported under water in the Shipwreck Zone. A shark-like villain attempts to devour him but he is sent drowning by a kick from Tsuyu. After dispatching the villain, Tsuyu uses her tongue to throw Izuku on the ship and follows close behind with Mineta in tow. They talk about their concerns regarding the villains plan to kill All Might. Izuku proclaims that it's the classes job to be heroes and protect All Might. Todoroki, Katsuki, Eijiro and several other members of Class 1-A fight back against the villains after being transported into their own respective simulation zones. 

All Might and Nezu

All Might occupied with Principal Nezu

At U.A. in the nurse's office, All Might tries to contact Thirteen and Shouta but is unable to. All Might wants to go to the USJ in hero form soon but Principal Nezu keeps him occupied. Nezu believes All Might needs to be a more responsible teacher and lectures him for exhausting himself with hero work. 

Back at the USJ, Thirteen outlines that Tenya needs to run back to the school for help because they are unable to call for help from the U.S.J. Tenya is hensitant, believing that leaving his classmates behind is disgraceful. His classmates restore his confidence and encourage him to use his Quirk to save others as rescue training was intended. Kurogiri overhears Thirteen's plan and tries to intervene, but the Space Hero uses her Quirk to suck him into a Black Hole. 

Izuku Tsuyu Minoru Escape

Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru escape the Shipwreck Zone

Villains have Izuku, Minoru and Tsuyu's ship surrounded, but they refuse to board it. While Izuku strategizes, Minoru panics and fears the worst. Izuku recognizes that the villains don't have any information of the student's Quirks and are being cautious. Using information from his peers on their Quirks, Izuku creats his plan. 

A villain uses his water manipulation Quirk to strike the ship and breaks it into pieces. Before the ship sinks, Izuku enacts his plan. He jumps off the ship and uses Delaware Smash on the surface of the water to make it spread out and collect rapidly back together. The converged water traps the villains a vortex mixed with Minoru's sticky spheres which keep them stuck to each other. With the villains defeated, Tsuyu uses her tongue to grab her comrades and escape the Shipwreck Zone. 

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Izuku recognizes the zone that he's in once he starts falling towards the water. In the anime, zone text appears on screen after Tsuyu rescues him.
  • When Shoto freezes the villains in his zone, his dialogue is slightly different. In the manga, he questions if they have the mercy to spare kids, while in the anime he instead mocks them for losing to a kid.
  • The anime works in a quick shot of Mashirao in the Fire Zone, while Fumikage and Koji are shown in the Squall Zone. These lead to brief fight scenes in the following episode.
  • For some reason, Hanta isn't wearing his helmet in the anime.

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