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U.A.'s Entrance Exam, also known as Plus Ultra, is an event run by U.A. High to see and determine who gets accepted into the school or not.


The exam consists of a written and a practical test, the latter being the more important of the two. During the practical exam, candidates have to use their Quirks in order to destroy robotic villains and earn points. The more points one earn, the higher their chance is to get accepted in the school.

In the exam, candidates are not allowed to fight another candidate. Doing so results in disqualification.

Besides destroying villains, the judges also give points using other criteria (for example, rescuing another candidate).

Points ScaleEdit

Each villain that is defeated is worth a certain amount of points:

  • 1 Point - Easy Villains
  • 2 Points - Medium Villains
  • 3 Points - Hard Villains
  • 0 Points - Arena Traps

Arena Traps are traps scattered across the battlefield to trap and weed out people from getting high scores.


  • In Chapter 3, the points scale references Super Mario, by the all of enemies being enemies in Super Mario, Tanooki Mario getting a coin, and Mario's jumping animation.

References Edit

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