U.A.'s End of Term Test, is a mandatory exam taken by U.A.'s Hero Department students at the end of the first semester.


Students of Class 1-A and 1-B are required to complete this exam in order to pass the semester. Those who fail are forced to go through an extremely demanding supplementary course.

Originally, the test was similar to the U.A. Entrance Exam, featuring robotic villains, however, in order to improve the students' experience in dealing with living opponents, the teachers of U.A. decided to confront the students themselves. Each teacher was assigned a pair of students they had to face, often taking advantage of the behavior, intelligence or abilities of the assigned students, encouraging teamwork and planning between the pairs.

In order to keep the power gap fair, teachers were required to wear a special device that handicapped their strength, Mei Hatsume's High Density Weights. Students were also given an option to escape from the battlefield in order to pass.

The students were graded mostly through their performance. Finishing the test didn't guarantee an approval (in the case of Hanta Sero), with the opposite being true as well (in the case of Tenya Iida).

Approved (Finish Order)