Emi Fukukado (福門笑 Fukukado Emi?), also known as the "Smile Hero" Ms. Joke (スマイルヒーロー Ms. (ミス) ジョーク Misu Jōku?), is a Pro Hero and a teacher of 2nd year, Class 2 at Ketsubutsu Academy.[1]


Ms. Joke Costume Full Body

Ms. Joke is a young woman of average height and build with greenish hair and a constant smile. She wears a bandana around her head and has a sleeveless tank top. She wears vertical striped pants which resembles part of a clown's attire. Around her waist are smiles.


Ms. Joke is cheerful, outgoing, and positive. She is also rather forward with her thoughts as she constantly flirts with Shouta without any embarrassment. Though she has playful and fun personality, Ms.Joke does have a more mature and focused side, especially when it comes to teaching her students, as seen through her commentary with Aizawa throughout the Hero Licence Exam. She appears to care deeply for her students and understands the drive many young people have to become heroes.


Ms. Joke worked at an office near Shouta's office. Whenever there was trouble, they would help out each other.


Hero License Exam Arc

On the day of the Hero Provision License exam, Ms. Joke excitedly walks up to class 1-A and Shouta Aizawa, having apparently met him before. Shouta recognizes her, though he is less than excited to see her. Ms.Joke than reveals to class 1-A that her and Shouta used to work together as partners, even claiming that the two of them had feelings for each other, though Shouta denies the former claim. She than calls her class over to meet class 1-A, revealing that she is a teaches second year students at a Testubetsu Hero Academy.

While Ms.Joke's class appears excited to meet Yuuei students, though some of them, namely Shindou, appear to have ulterior motives. Ms.Joke instructs her class to gets ready for the exam and change into their costumes.As the students get changed, she asks Shouta if he told his class about what happens every year at the Hero Liscense Exam, to which he replies no.

Later, Ms.Joke and Shouta are seen sitting together on the bleachers of the Exam area, watching their respective students as the exam unfold, with Ms.Joke attempting to flirt with and tease Shouta through the event. Ms.Joke comments on how every year, all the other schools gang up against Yuuei students, though Shouta insists that this does not matter. Ms.Joke notices that Shouta has not expelled any of his pupils yet, and asks him if he particularly fond of his students, which Shouta replies no, though Ms.Joke does not agree.

After the exam has concluded and a substantial portion of both Joke's and Shouta's classes have passed, Ms.Joke suggests carrying joint training with both classes in the future. Shouta agrees that it is a good idea.

Quirk and Abilities

Outburst (爆笑 Bakushō?): Ms. Joke's Quirk forces others to laugh which impairs their cognitive and motor skills.[2]


Shouta Aizawa

Ms. Joke has known Shouta for a long time; their workplaces were once close to each other and as a result whenever there was trouble, they would assist each other. While Ms. Joke likes Shouta and is friendly towards him, Shouta is indifferent towards her and doesn't find her sense of humor amusing, such as when she joked that they became lovers when they worked together, Shouta immediately denied her statement. Even though Ms. Joke annoys him, Shouta appears to be tolerant towards her optimistic attitude.


  • Her surname "Fukukado", 福門, translates to "fortune gate", and her given name Emi, 笑, is written with the character for "laughter". Her name is a play on a Japanese proverb about fortune coming to those who laugh.
  • Ironically despite her personality, she seems to be romantically interested in Shouta Aizawa. Though, she might just be joking with him.
  • Ms. Joke makes an appearance in Chapter 34 wearing a gas mask.[3]



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