Emi Fukukado ( (ふく) (かど) (えみ) Fukukado Emi?), also known as Smile Hero: Ms. Joke (スマイルヒーロー Ms. (ミス) ジョーク Sumairu Hīrō Misu Jōku?), is a Pro Hero and a teacher of 2nd year, Class 2 at Ketsubutsu Academy High School.[1]


Emi is a young woman with an athletic build and chest-length hair, which is portrayed as cyan in the manga, but sea green in the anime. Her eyes are inverted in color, meaning her pupils are light whereas her irises are dark. Her most predominant feature is her constant smile. Her hero costume consists of a bandana around her head, sleeveless tank top, thick fighting gloves with metal cuffs, and vertically striped pants which resembles part of a clown's attire. Around her waist is a belt adorned with smiles. While in active duty, her costume also appears to feature a gas mask.


Emi Fukukado's personality

Emi's outgoing personality

Emi is cheerful, outgoing, and positive; She is also rather forward with her thoughts as she constantly flirts with Aizawa without embarrassment.

Though she has a playful and fun personality, Emi does have a more mature and focused side, especially when it comes to teaching her students, as seen through her commentary with Aizawa throughout the Hero License Exam. She appears to care deeply about her students and understands the drive many young people have to become heroes.

Emi also appears to have a general disdain for U.A's teaching methods and the elitism that comes from their prestige. The best example of this is when she criticized U.A. for failing to recognize Hitoshi Shinso's potential as a hero. She demonstrates this disdain again during the Hero License arc, when she scolds Aizawa for his condescending attitude toward hero academies, and for suggesting that U.A. students are more adept at heroics due to the school's harsher teaching methods.



Outburst (爆笑 Bakushō?): Emi's Quirk forces others to laugh which impairs their cognitive and motor skills.[2]


  • Her surname Fukukado (福門?), translates to "fortune gate", and her given name Emi (?), is written with the character for "laughter". Her name is a play on a Japanese proverb about fortune coming to those who laugh.
  • Ironically despite his personality, she seems to be romantically interested in Shota Aizawa. Though she might just be joking with him, as such claims are unconfirmed.
  • The two dots on her neck may symbolize that her costume was created by the same designer as Ochaco Uraraka and Katsuki Bakugo.
  • Ms. Joke's general aesthetic seems to be inspired by the DC supervillain Joker.
    • Both have a clown/comedy theme and have green hair.
    • Emi's Quirk, Outburst, is similar to the effects of Joker Venom.
    • Their aliases - Joker and Ms. Joke - sound extremely similar.
    • Her annoyance to Aizawa reflects Batman's irritation to The Joker's tauntings
  • She also seems to be inspired by The Comedian from Watchmen.
    • She wears a belt of smiley faces, an image that is shown throughout the comic, and heavily associated with The Comedian.
  • Given also her heroic nature, she may been also inspired by DC Earth-3's Jokester, The heroic parallel counterpart of The Joker whose outfit is buttoned with smiley faces and primary green (his whole color palette being an inversion to the Joker's).


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