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"When I heard that they were after my buddy...I couldn't do anything!! I didn't do anything!! If I don't act now...forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!"

Eijiro Kirishima to his classmates about Katsuki Bakugou's kidnapping in "Defeat"

Eijiro Kirishima (切島鋭児郎 Kirishima Eijirō?) is a student at U.A. training to become a Pro Hero.


Chapter 135

Eijiro's manga profile.

Eijiro has spiky red hair that looks like horns and he has a little scar above his right eye that can be mistaken as a single long eyelash. Despite his young age, Eijiro possesses an impressive physique and a muscular body.

In his costume, he wears a vest that consists of two shoulder pads that are shaped like gears that wrapped around his shoulders while his chest is left uncovered, and wears a skirt with a ripped pattern over pants with an "R" belt. He also wears a mask that somewhat resembles the same mask that the main character of Akumetsu wears. His costume looks like an Aka Oni (red troll-like creature).


Eijirou Tears

A spiritually-moved Eijiro.

Eijiro is a very boisterous, outgoing guy with a fondness for the concept of manliness, often using the terms "manly" and "unmanly" to describe stuff he does or doesn't like. Those who showcase a noble, brave or determined attitude tend to emotionally move him to tears, quickly earning his complete admiration, respect and friendship. Similarly, he will call out traits that are the opposite of that, such as cowardice and dirty play. He is also a big fan of Crimson Riot, a retro hero that he takes inspiration from, including his own hero name.

Eijiro is honest and kind-hearted, with All Might praising his heroic spirit. In addition, he seems capable of making friends with most people, as he is one of the few classmates who is friends with both Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya. Eijiro is very dedicated to his friends and is even willing to break the law and the rules in order to help them, showing regret if he becomes unable to do so.

Eijiro has stated more than once that he doesn't think very highly of his own Hardening Quirk, thinking that it lacks the flashiness usually found in the Pro Hero scene. In fact, he will get downright offended if he finds someone with a similar Quirk. Regardless, Eijiro is a confident and hot-blooded fighter, although not to the same degree as Katsuki. However, he does not shy away from comparing himself to Katsuki, with Izuku stating that the two have managed to develop a relationship between equals. Because of this, Eijiro is notably one of the few people that Katsuki holds some respect for.


When he was 3 years old, he was in bed and woke up since he had to go to the bathroom. When he rubbed his eye, his Quirk manifested for the first time. This made his hand harden and caused Eijiro to cut himself, which left a scar on his right eye.


Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Eijiro is introduced at his desk, alongside the other Class 1-A students. Shortly afterwards, the class makes their way to the P.E grounds, where Shota Aizawa informs them they must undertake a Quirk apprehension test.[1]

After Shouta threatens to expel the lowest ranking student, Eijiro is shocked by his announcement.[2]

Battle Trial Arc

Later on, when All Might visits Class 1-A, and announces the Trial of Battle, Eijiro, along with some his classmates, become excited.[3]

For the Battle Trial, Eijiro and Hanta Sero become "Team J" after being randomly put together. While observing the battle between Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya, Eijiro says Katsuki's a cheater for ambushing Midoriya and claims that an ambush is "unmanly".[4]

Continuing in watching the battle between Katsuki and Midoriya, he questions what they're saying, as there's no sound through the surveillance footage. Shocked after witnessing Katsuki's large attack on Midoriya, he claims it's meant to be a lesson.[5]

Asking All Might to put a stop between the Midoriya and Katsuki fight, he tells him Katsuki has gone nuts and will kill him. Still watching the fight between the two students, he is shocked to see them continuing to fight. He then pleads to All Might, claiming enough is enough.[6]

Watching the match between Shoto Todoroki vs Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure, Eijiro and All Might begin to shiver when Shoto uses his Quirk. Later on after the battle trials, when Midoriya returns to class, Eijiro along with his other classmates surround him praising his performance during the Battle Trial. He then introduces himself.[7]

Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

During Shota Aizawa's class, when he announces Class 1-A needs a president, Eijiro and his classmates become ecstatic. He says he wants to become class president, and asks to be picked. When Tenya Iida says it must be settled by a vote, he tells him everyone will just vote for themselves. During the students' dinner break, all U.A. students are told to evacuate. While he evacuates, Eijiro becomes trapped in the crowd of students and shouts at everyone to stop and to go slow. When everyone returns to Class 1-A, Izuku suggests for Tenya to become class president for his earlier actions. Eijiro supports Midoriya's suggestion, praising his earlier actions and claims he wouldn't have minded him as president.[8]

When the villains appear at the U.S.J, Eijiro is seen evacuating with his class, but Kurogiri uses his Quirk and warps him, along with Katsuki, to the Ruins Zone of the U.S.J. They battle the villains there and defeat them. Eijiro says that they should go and save the others, worrying about his classmates that don't have battle-effective Quirks. Katsuki, however, decides to go and fight Kurogiri instead, much to Eijiro's surprise. After hearing Katsuki's reasoning to go and fight Kurogiri, Eijiro notices Katsuki's calm attitude, much to Katsuki's chagrin. Eijiro decides to go with Katsuki. He is then seen attacking Tomura Shigaraki, but Shigaraki dodges his punch.

Sports Festival Arc

Eijiro participates in the Obstacle Race. He manages to finish the event, placing ninth, allowing him to participate in the next event, the Human Cavalry Battle. Eijiro teams up with Katsuki for the Human Cavalry Battle, saying that they will get Izuku's ten million points.

After the Human Cavalry Battle begins, Katsuki jumps into the air and tries to attack Izuku with Explosion, but Fumikage Tokoyami uses his Dark Shadow to block it. Hanta uses his Quirk to catch Katsuki so that he can land safely back on his team's formation, which Eijiro praises Hanta for. After Neito Monoma takes his headband without trouble and mocks him for always being attacked by villains every year, this made Katsuki enraged and tells Eijiro that their plans have changed; before they take Izuku's ten million points, they will defeat Neito's team. Katsuki battles against Neito, but Neito copies and uses Katsuki's Quirk against him. Katsuki tries to attack Neito again, but he copies and uses Eijiro's Quirk to block him and shrugs him off.

Eijiro then warns Katsuki not to attack on his own. After Katsuki grabs two of Neito's headbands and Hanta reels him back onto the formation, Eijiro states that they have placed high enough. However, Katsuki still wants more points and orders his team to attack; having Hanta use his Quirk, and Mina use her acid. Eijiro and his team ride on Mina's fluid to reach Neito's team faster thanks to Hanta reeling in his tape. Katsuki attacks Neito for the final time and grabs his last headband, which places their team at second place. Katsuki, however, wants to collect the ten million point headband and Eijiro goes with his team to where Izuku's and Shoto's teams are. Eijiro and his team reach their destination, but the Human Cavalry Battle ends before they could do anything. However, Katsuki's last minute actions allowed Eijiro and his team to reach second place, allowing them to participate in the final event.

The final event is a tournament event and Eijiro's first match is against Tetsutetsu. However, his fist fights Tetsutetsu to a draw, causing them to participate in an arm wrestling game to determine who will advance to the next round. After Katsuki defeats Ochaco Uraraka, Eijiro faces Tetsutetsu in their arm wrestling game to decide the tiebreaker. Eijiro manages to defeat Tetsutetsu in the arm wrestling game, thus allowing him to advance to the second round. Eijiro tells Tetsutetsu that it was a fine match.

Eijiro goes to sit down next to his class, noting that the match between Izuku and Shoto has begun. Eijiro tells Katsuki that he is next, to which Katsuki replies that he is going to beat him to death, causing Eijiro to jokingly comment that he'd like to see him try. Eijiro then states to Katsuki that both he and Shoto can send out lots of strong attacks without breaking a sweat, causing Katsuki to tell Eijiro that Quirks are physical functions. Like running too much causes you to run out of breath, Quirks have limits too.

Eijiro faces his opponent, Katsuki, in his second round match. During the match, both of them continuously hit strike one another, however, Katsuki is eventually able to wear him down with a flurry of explosions, rendering him unable to continue.

After the match between Fumikage and Katsuki ends, Eijiro comments on Fumikage's Quirk being weak to light.

Eijiro, along with his class, watches the closing ceremony of U.A.'s Sports Festival. He comments that Katsuki has been in a fury ever since he woke up after being knocked out at the end of his final match.[9]

Field Training Arc

Two days after the Sports Festival, Eijiro is in class. During the Hero Informatics Period, Shouta presents the Pro Hero nominations, which reveals that Eijiro received 68 Pro Hero nominations. Eijiro comments that the top two nominations are in reverse and Hanta replies that it is because the Pro Heroes seeing Katsuki in a straight jacket must have scared them off. After Tsuyu presents her Hero name, Eijiro reveals his Hero name: Vigor Hero Red Riot (剛健ヒーロー 烈怒頼雄斗 (レッドライオット) Gōken Hīrō Reddo Raiotto?). Midnight comments that his Hero name is a nod to Crimson Riot. Eijiro replies to her that it is and, although it is retro, the Hero image he is aiming for is similar to Crimson Riot. Midnight comments that since he will be carrying the name of a Pro Hero he looks up to, he will be hit with corresponding pressure, to which Eijiro states that he can handle.[10]

After Class 1-A is finished formulating their Hero names, Eijiro is given his personalized work place list in order to choose a work place that he wants to train at. Afterwards, Eijiro states that he wants to train at a work place that specializes in urban counter villainy.

On the day of the work place training, Eijiro is at the train station with his class so that he can travel to the work place of his choice by train.[11]

Eijiro's workplace of choice is revealed to be Fourth Kind's Hero office. At the office, Fourth Kind explains to Eijiro about his salary; that he receives it from the government. Suddenly, Eijiro sees that Tetsutetsu is in the office as well, surprising Eijiro. Eijiro greets Tetsutetsu with a hand shake. Fourth Kind decides to explain to Eijiro and Tetsutetsu what his office's practical operations are.[12]

The workplace training comes to an end and Eijiro returns to U.A.. In Class 1-A, Eijiro and Hanta laugh at Katsuki's new hairstyle, causing Katsuki to retaliate in anger.[13]

After Foundational Hero Studies is finished, Eijiro is in the boys' locker room changing into his school uniform. He states that he needs to focus on his maneuverability.[14]

End of Term Test Arc

One week before the end of term test, Eijiro notes that Momo Yaoyorozu is being virtuous, to which Katsuki angrily reminds him that he is also virtuous, saying that he will tutor him until he bleeds (since he has the third highest grade in the class). After Katsuki storms out of class, Eijiro says that its been a while since he has seen Katsuki like that. On the day of the exercise test, Nedzu reveals that Class 1-A will be fighting the U.A. teachers in their exercise test.[15]

Eijiro is paired with Rikido Sato and they must face Cementoss in their test exercise. The three of them arrive at their designated area where their test exercise will take place. Cementoss explains the 30 minute test; Rikido and Eijiro must either handcuff him or one of them must escape the battlefield within 30 minutes in order to win and pass the test. The test begins.[16]

Eijiro and Rikido keep smashing their way through Cementoss' cement walls, but the more walls they destroy, the more walls Cementoss keeps creating to keep them at bay. Cementoss tells them that they are both too weak in battles of attrition and that they must push past their limits. They are unable to get past Cementoss' walls by the time the End of Term Test finishes and as a result, they fail.[17]

Back in class at U.A., Eijiro is crestfallen that he is unable to go to the forest lodge due to failing the practical test. Izuku tries to cheer up those who failed, but Denki launches a comical tirade at Izuku. Soon, Aizawa enters the classroom and informs Class 1-A that all of them are going to the forest lodge which will be a boot camp, shocking Eijiro. However, Eijiro will be receiving harsher training at the boot camp for failing the practical test. Eijiro along with his class go to Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall to buy necessities for the forest lodge. At the shopping mall, Eijiro sees that everyone has different needs and suggests splitting up for now and meeting up later.[18]

School Trip Arc

The next day after the shopping trip, at U.A., Aizawa informs Class 1-A that the destination for their lodge trip has been changed and the new destination will only be announced on the day of the event. The first semester has come to a close and summer break has begun.

On the day of the event, Class 1-A boards a bus that will take them to the forest lodge destination. An hour later, Class 1-A’s bus stops for a restroom break. However, Class 1-A notes that Class 1-B isn’t at the rest stop. Suddenly, two females wearing cat-like costumes and a small boy appear; the females excitedly introduce themselves as the professional Hero Team, The Pussy-Cats. Mandalay explains to Class 1-A that they will be staying at the base of a mountain which is a part of their domain; they have three hours to reach the base of the mountain using their Quirks as they please and those who don't arrive there by 12:30 pm won't be served lunch. Soon, Class 1-A realize that they have already arrived at their destination and their training camp has already begun with the Pussycats being their supervisors. Some of Class 1-A try to leave, but Pixiebob uses her Quirk to create a landslide of dirt that causes Class 1-A to fall into a forest called Forest of Magic Beasts, which they must traverse to reach their destination. Suddenly, Class 1-A are confronted by a beast; Koji Koda tries using his Quirk to control the beast but it does not work due to the beast being made out of dirt. Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, and Katsuki mobilize and use their Quirks to destroy the dirt beast.[19]

After Izuku, Tenya, Shoto, and Katsuki destroy the dirt beast, Class 1-A begins traversing the Forest of Magic Beasts. The journey through the forest to the Cabin takes around 8 hours. Class 1-A arrive at the facility, battered and tired. It is now 5:20 pm in the evening. Pixiebob admits that she thought they would take longer to get to the facility; she praises Class 1-A for figuring out her Earth Beasts quickly and easily. Class 1-A fetch their luggage from the bus and put it in their rooms. Class 1-A go to the dining hall to have dinner. After finishing eating dinner, Class 1-A go to the hot springs. The next day at 5:30 AM, Class 1-A are outside the training camp cabin. Aizawa greets his students and tells them that they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will also allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses.[20]

Eijiro trains with his class. On the night of the third day, the League of Villains' Vanguard Action Squad attack the camp. During the attack, Eijiro is in the facility being protected by Blood King. A Dabi clone attacks the facility only for the threat to be dealt with quickly by Shouta. Eijiro asks Aizawa to allow him to fight, but he orders him and the other students to stay in the facility. After the attack is over, the training camp ends and Eijiro returns home.

Two days later, Eijiro goes to the hospital to visit Izuku. Eijiro tells Izuku that they can save Katsuki thanks to a transmitter being planted on one of the villains by Momo and Yosetsu. Tenya deduces that Eijiro wants Momo to create a device for themselves so that Class 1-A can track down and rescue Katsuki themselves. Tenya demands that the rescue of Katsuki be left to the Pro Heroes, but Eijiro is tired of being unable to do anything that will make him a Hero and a friend, causing them to get into an argument. After being calmed down by Denki and Tsuyu, although he fully aware that the matter should be dealt by professionals, Eijiro encourages Izuku to go through with the plan as it will allow him to reach and save Katsuki.[21]

Most of Class 1-A are against the plan. After the doctor requests the class to leave, Eijiro tells Izuku that he and Shoto will be waiting outside the hospital tonight for him and Momo so that they can go and rescue Katsuki.

Hideout Raid Arc

Later that night, Shoto along Eijiro wait for Izuku and Momo. Izuku and Momo arrive but before Momo can speak, Tenya appears. Tenya is angry that they are about to repeat the same mistake he made at Hosu. Eijiro wonders what they are referring to but. Tenya punches Izuku in the face. Tenya is angry and frustrated that they are not taking his concerns, feelings and worry into consideration; Tenya says that he does not want to see Izuku or any of them land up with severe injuries. Shoto tells Tenya that they will not engage the villains in combat while Eijiro states that their rescue will be covert. Momo states that she came along to accompany them all in order to prevent them from engaging in combat. Izuku tells Tenya that after failing to save Katsuki at the training camp, his gut feeling is telling him that he must save Katsuki. Tenya sees that they are determined and resolute and is cheered up by the fact that they won’t engage in combat; Tenya decides to go with them.[22]


Eijiro along with Izuku, Shoto, Tenya and Momo board a train to travel to a place called Kamino Ward, a place in Yokohama City in the Kanagawa Prefecture. At Kamino Ward, Izuku along with Shoto, Eijiro, Momo and Tenya put on disguises to make infiltration easier as well as to prevent the League of Villains from recognizing them. The disguised group exit the clothing shop and observe a video clip of U.A.'s public apology.[23]

Eijiro along with Izuku, Shoto, Momo and Tenya continue towards the place that Momo's tracking device is detecting. After waiting for a while near the place, Momo notes that the villains have made no movements and states the possibility of Katsuki not being in the place while Tenya reminds them that if he sees any combat, then he will not hesitate to stop them. Izuku thanks Tenya and starts thinking about their options in "true Midoriya" fashion according to Eijiro and Momo. Afterwards, Momo, Tenya, Shoto, Eijiro and Izuku prepare to infiltrate the supposed League of Villains’ hideout.[24]

Eijiro along with the group go to the back of the hideout and see a window. Eijiro stands on Tenya's shoulders to see what is inside. After Eijiro sees the inside with his night-vision goggles, he hands them over to Izuku. Izuku looks inside and sees that there are Nomus, confirming that the hideout is actually a warehouse. Suddenly, Mount Lady destroys the front of the warehouse which shocks Eijiro.[25]

Seeing that the Pro Heroes are at the warehouse, Eijiro and the group assume that All Might is with Katsuki as they are speaking and the group decide to head home. Suddenly, the entire warehouse is completely destroyed by a man along with the surrounding area being significantly damaged. The man's aura above them utterly terrifies Izuku, Eijiro and Shoto.[26][27]

As the battle between All Might, Sensei, Katsuki and the League of Villains continue, Izuku comes up with an idea. Izuku says that the plan will not involve fighting and that it will enable them to rescue Katsuki and escape. However, the entire plan rests on Eijiro because Katsuki will respond to him due to the friendship they have built up during their time at U.A.. Tenya understands that the plan is a gamble but considering the situation there won’t be much risk due to All Might’s presence.

Izuku puts his plan into action; Izuku and Tenya hold onto Eijiro with Izuku using One For All Full Cowl and Tenya using his Recipro Burst to burst through the wall while Eijiro uses his Hardening to protect himself, Izuku and Tenya. After Izuku, Tenya and Eijiro burst through the wall, Shoto creates an ice ramp; Izuku Tenya and Eijiro jump off Shoto’s ice ramp and head into the sky. Sensei sees the trio and attempts to attack them, but All Might intervenes by punching Sensei. Katsuki sees the trio while Eijiro yells at Katsuki to take his hand. Tomura tries to take Katsuki, but Katsuki uses his Explosion to launch himself towards Izuku, Tenya and Eijiro. Katsuki grabs Eijiro's hand and smiles.[28]

Kenji and Spinner launch Mr. Compress into the air, but Mount Lady intercepts him, allowing Izuku along with Eijiro, Tenya and the rescued Katsuki to get away. Izuku, Eijiro, Tenya and Katsuki land on the ground far from the battlefield and begin escaping.[29]

Eijiro manages to escape to the front of the train station along with Izuku, Katsuki and Tenya. He and Katsuki converse, with Katsuki stating that he was not rescued and that he only escaped with them so that he wouldn't get in All Might's way while Eijiro is glad that Katsuki is safe.[30]

After All Might defeats All For One, Eijiro along with Izuku, Tenya and Katsuki meet up with Momo and Shoto. They take Katsuki to a Police Station for his safety. Afterwards, Eijiro goes home.[31]

Hero License Exam Arc

Quirk and Abilities

Hardening (硬化 Kōka?): Eijiro's Quirk gives him the power to harden any part of his body. The ability not only protects him from physical attacks, but also from heat and shock waves. The drawback to his Quirk is that there is a limit to how much damage the hardened skin can withstand and will cause the hardening to slowly dissipate.


  • Red Counter: While hardened, Eijiro endures a close-range attack with his skin, and then counters with a straight punch.[32]
  • Red Gauntlet:Eijiro rushes towards the enemy and delivers a single strong punch against them.
  • Red Riot Unbreakable: Eijiro reaches his maximum hardening level by turning his entire body extremely hard and rugged, leaving him with a monstrous appearance.[33]

Enhanced Durability: Eijiro has enhanced durability thanks to his Quirk; Eijiro's Hardening was able to withstand Katsuki's explosions for an extended amount of time.

4/5 B
3/5 C
3/5 C
3/5 C
4/5 B
Eijiro's stats, according to the Official Character Book



Denki Kaminari

Since they happened to be seated one behind another in class, they became good buddies and often make comments to each other.

Katsuki Bakugo

Eijiro and Katsuki are on good terms with each other. Eijiro admires Katsuki, and despite his lone-wolf attitude toward him, he admires the fact that even though all the things he does may be a little too much, he still sees him as a very "manly" man and insists he assists Katsuki. Out of all of his relations, Katsuki's relation with Eijiro has the least conflict, suggesting that Katsuki views Eijiro as a friend.

Hanta Sero

Eijiro and Sero are good friends with each other.

Izuku Midoriya

Eijiro seem to be on a good terms with Izuku. When Shoto told Izuku that he will defeat him, Eijiro tried to stop any further arguing and when Izuku started to talk negatively about himself, Eijiro tried to encourage him. He also told Izuku that he is envious of his Quirk.

He also seems to admire Izuku's growing confidence and seems to be impressed by his quick thinking and logical reasoning. He also seems capable of understanding Izuku's feelings to some extent, understanding how he felt when he was unable to rescue Katsuki. In more recent chapters, Ejirou and Izuku are shown to be on better terms than previously, often interacting in friendly ways.


  • He is student no.8 in Class 1-A.
  • He ranked 2nd during the Entrance Exam and 8th during the Quirk Apprehension Test.
  • His rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • He ranked 15th in the First Popularity Poll.
    • He ranked 5th in the Second Popularity Poll.
  • His name contains the kanji for cut (?) and sharp (?).
  • He likes meat and manly things.
  • Horikoshi mentions that Eijiro was made to tie the class together with his personality.
  • He ranks 15th in Class 1-A's Grades.[34]


  • (To his classmates about Katsuki Bakugo's kidnapping) "When I heard that they were after my buddy...I couldn't do anything!! I didn't do anything!! If I don't act now...forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!"[35]


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