The Eight Expendables (鉄砲玉 八斎衆 Teppōdama Hassaishū?) is a group of yakuza who are part of the Eight Precepts of Death. The members consist of men who have lost their dignity and reason to live, therefore, they joined Overhaul as a means of having a reason to live. Despite this, the Eight Expendables are all powerful yakuza with dangerous and resourceful Quirks.




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Eight Precepts of Death
Rikiya Katsukame Shin Nemoto Setsuno Hojo
Tabe Deidoro Sakaki Rappa Tengai


  • In Buddhism, the Eight Precepts are a set of strict guidelines to be followed by the most devout adherents. Each member of the Eight Expendables seems to represent a corrupted or deviant version of one of these tenants.


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