Double (二倍 Nibai?) is a Quirk possessed by Twice.


Twice possesses a Quirk that allows him to create a copy of anything, two at a time, through touch.

With Double, Twice can create replicas that can serve as useful distractions or support in combat. Clones of people possess the same personality and abilities as the original, making it hard to distinguish them from the real person at a first glance.

However, in order to create a perfect clone, Twice requires a flawless image of whatever he plans to copy. This includes precise measurements and features. The copies are also less durable than the original thing, dissolving into a viscous liquid after suffering enough damage, and a second copy is apparently even more fragile. Worth mentioning is that Twice appears to be capable of detecting when clones get destroyed if he's not close to them.

Because Twice's clones share the same personality as the original Twice, they can also rebel against him or each other.[1] Having suffered a traumatic experience with this particular trait of his Quirk, Twice refuses to use his ability on himself.


  • This Quirk is functionally similar to Clones, as they both revolve around creating duplicates out of a viscous liquid. There are a few key differences, though:
    • Ectoplasm can only make replicas of himself, whereas Twice is capable of making doubles of anyone, including himself as well.
    • Ectoplasm can create up to 30 (36 at best) clones, whereas Twice is limited to only 2 clones of other people. Worth noting that Twice can create as many clones of himself as he wants, as those can use their own Double Quirk on themselves to continuously multiplicate while bypassing the 2 clone limit.
    • Ectoplasm's clones can't use his Quirk, whereas Twice's clones can.
    • Ectoplasm can create a massive clone of himself, whereas Twice has not shown such an ability.
  • Due to this double quirk, the user also seems to have two personalities, like an two people in one body both in control yet at different times.
    • Sometimes due to this, one knows something his other side doesn’t, or one wants to do something but the other does not, when the other side takes over they can stop.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 115 (p. 11).

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  • Cloning - Wikipedia article about the process Jin's Quirk was based after.

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