Detroit Smash is a super move performed by Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya using the One For All Quirk.


Toshinori focuses all his power into his fist and then smashes it into the ground to produce a massive amount of wind pressure. The pressure is strong enough to create an updraft which in turn creates rain. Toshinori first uses it to save Katsuki Bakugo from the Sludge Villain.

On the other hand, Izuku does an uppercut when doing this move, as opposed to punching downwards at the ground like Toshinori.


  • 5% Detroit Smash (5 パーセント デトロイトスマッシュ 5 Pāsento Detoroito Sumasshu?): Izuku activates One for All Full Cowl, then jumps into the air, and delivers an enhanced downward punch to the opponent.[1] He has also used this move in the form a straightforward punch.[2]
  • 100% Detroit Smash (100 パーセント デトロイトスマッシュ 100 Pāsento Detoroito Sumasshu?): Izuku activates One For All at 100% and delivers a straightforward punch to the opponent.[3]
  • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash (1000000 パーセント デトロイトデラウエアスマッュ 1000000 Pāsento Derauea Detoroito Sumasshu?): Izuku uses One For All 100% that is also boosted by his adrenaline and delivers a powerful smack with incredible force that blasts the opponent away. This 100% adrenaline-enhanced move is powerful enough to overpower Muscular's Muscle Augment and incapacitate him.


  • The attack refers to the city of Detroit, which is located in Michigan, USA


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