Dark Shadow (ダークシャドウ Dāku Shadō?) is a Quirk used by Fumikage Tokoyami.


This Quirk allows Fumikage to host a "shadow like-monster" that he can materialize from his body and contract it back freely as a sort of extension.

Dark Shadow is sentient and capable of speech, being always protective of his master no matter in which state it finds itself. Fumikage can use this shadow being for a number of purposes, such as attack, defense, mobility and support. As Dark Shadow can extend very far from his body, Fumikage tends to have an advantage in terms of range. Because it can hold objects, Dark Shadow can function as a third arm as well.

Making a stand

Dark Shadow during daytime.

The personality, strength, defense and control of Dark Shadow depends on the surrounding light conditions. Under strong light, Dark Shadow is weaker, but still has extraordinary defensive skills, as it was able to completely block Quirks like Explosion and Electrification (despite having weaknesses to both Quirks due to them working as light sources). Dark Shadow's personality under light is docile and somewhat cowardly, allowing Fumikage to control it with ease.

Dark Shadow crushes Moonfish

Dark Shadow during nighttime.

Under little to no light, Dark Shadow becomes far larger and ferocious, and as a result far more powerful. One of Dark Shadow's claws was able to rip through multiple trees with ease; Dark Shadow's physical strength is immense as it was able to defeat Moonfish, a veteran villain, with a single strike, completely shattering his sturdy weapon-like teeth in the process. Dark Shadow's personality completely changes when surrounded by darkness, becoming more unruly, vicious and attacking anything that moves or makes sound indiscriminately. It appears keeping Dark Shadow under control during the night where darkness is most prominent is a great struggle for Fumikage as it requires all his focus. Once Fumikage loses control, Dark Shadow starts enveloping Fumikage's body with its darkness and takes control over its host, with Fumikage slowly becoming immobile both physically and mentally. After taking over Fumikage, Dark Shadow can force its immobile host to move around.

Dark Shadow also has an energy limit, retracting into Fumikage's body when said limit runs out. According to Mezo, Fumikage's negative emotions (such as regret and indignation) probably intensifies Dark Shadow, making it stronger as a result, albeit at the cost of Fumikage losing control.

Named Techniques

Tenebrous Abyss Body

Black Ankh.

  • Black Ankh (深淵闇躯 (ブラックアンク) Burakku Anku?): Fumikage's special move (previously known as Tenebrous Abyss Body (深淵闇躯 Shin'en Onku?), he dons and equips Dark Shadow onto himself, wearing it like a suit of armor or an exoskeleton. According to Fumikage, equipping Dark Shadow onto himself mitigates his physical weaknesses.[1]
    • Piercing Claw of the Dusk (宵闇よりし穿つ爪 Yoiyami Yorishi Ugatsu Tsume?): Fumikage shoots out Dark Shadow's claw which attacks at great speed.[2]
    • Gloom of the Black Arm (黒き腕の暗々裏 Kuroki Kaina no An'anri?): Fumikage shoots out both of Dark Shadow's claws which attack at great speed and then uses Dark Shadow's claws to surround his victims.[3]


  • Like several other Quirks, Dark Shadow has its own signature sound effect: "CREEP".


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