Dadan Tadan (多弾打弾 Tadan Dadan?), also known by his Hero name Lucky Strike, is a student of Isamu Academy High School.


His Hair is An Light chestnut colour. his skin colour is light. his face is a basic with round black eyes. his arms go from skinny at the top to the big at the bottom, his hands are big as well. he is on the chubby side.

His Hero costume robot like with one hole on each knee, two holes on each side of chest, two holes on each side of the top of his costume. the holes are for missiles. the legs of his costume are blue his cheat is green and the top is yellow and his hands are red. his costume covers half of his face.



Quirk and Abilities

Flash Sweat : While there is not much information known about his Quirk, it most probably allows him to sweat a suspense that makes a bright light upon impact.

He also wears a mech suit that can fire many rockets.






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