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Cremation’s name is Conjectural. No official name has been given, and it is subject to change at any time.

Cremation is an unnamed Quirk possessed by Dabi.


This Quirk grants Dabi the ability to generate blue flames from his body. He can spawn these flames at will from any area on his body with minimal effort or movement.

Dabi can combust anything he touches almost instantly. By touching a single tree in the Beast's Forest, Dabi is able to set the majority of the forest ablaze and create a giant wall of fire.[1] The flames have been stated to be extremely hot[2] and it is believed their temperature is higher than that of normal fire. This is signified by their blue color.

Dabi manipulates his flames as long as they are still connected to his body and appears to be able to shoot his flames out in a flamethrower manner in the way Endeavor uses Hellflame.[3] Dabi can expand flames from his hands to create a large burst of fire, which he uses to attack Eraserhead.[4] This same type of attack was strong enough to completely destroy the wall of a building. Dabi also possesses the ability to throw his flames towards an opponent.[2]


  • Although unofficial, "Cremation" is a popularly speculated name. It is drawn from Dabi's name, which is translated directly as "cremation."


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