Clones (分身 Bunshin?) is a Quirk used by Ectoplasm.


The Clones Quirk allows Ectoplasm to release ectoplasm from his mouth and shape it into clones of himself.

Ectoplasm can create up to thirty clones at a time, unless he's in a good mood (like after singing karaoke) where he can create thirty-six. The clones grant Ectoplasm the opportunity to overwhelm small groups or a single target, having the obvious advantage in numbers. This Quirk also makes him useful for activities or operations that require a large number of people.

The clones themselves can be destroyed through one strong blow, but only Ectoplasm can choose to dispel them otherwise. Ectoplasm and his clones also appear to share the same mind, as the original is shown to be aware of what his clones witness even if he is at a long distance from them.

Ectoplasm can also generate a massive clone, but doing so won't allow him to generate any more smaller ones.[1]

Named Techniques

  • Forced Internment Giant Bites (強制収容ジャイアントバイツ Kyōsei Shūyō Jaianto Baitsu?): Ectoplasm releases a large amount of ectoplasm from his mouth and transforms it into a giant clone of himself. The giant Ectoplasm clone then overwhelms and traps the enemy with a bite. He first uses this against Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui during their final exam.[2]


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  • Cloning - Wikipedia article about the process Ectoplasm's Quirk was based after.

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