Clones is a Quirk used by Ectoplasm.


The Clones Quirk allows Ectoplasm to release ectoplasm from his mouth and shape it into clones of himself.

He can create up to thirty clones at a time, unless he's in a good mood (like after singing karaoke) where he can create thirty-six. The clones themselves can be destroyed through one strong blow, but only Ectoplasm can choose to dispel them otherwise. 

Ectoplasm can also generate a massive clone, but doing so won't allow him to generate any more smaller ones. [1][2]

Named Techniques

  • Forced Internment Giant Bites (強制収容ジャイアントバイツ Kyōsei Shūyō Jaianto Baitsu?): Ectoplasm releases a large amount of ectoplasm from his mouth and transforms it into a giant clone of himself. The giant Ectoplasm clone then overwhelms and traps the enemy with a bite. He first uses this against Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui during their final exam. [1][2]


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External Links

  • Ectoplasm - Wikipedia article about the fictional substance Ectoplasm creates with his Quirk, which serves as his namesake.
  • Ghost - Wikipedia article about the constructs that Ectoplasm can create.
  • Cloning - Wikipedia article about the process Ectoplasm's Quirk was based after.

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