"If... if Kai somehow loses... then at least we've still got the finished product and serum... I don't have the luxury of babysitting this guy. This is for the gang! This is for Kai!"

Hari Kurono about to kill Shota Aizawa in "It's Over!!"

Hari Kurono ( (くろ) () (はり) Kurono Hari?),[1] also known as Chronostasis, is a yakuza and the assistant of Overhaul in Shie Hassaikai. He is one of the main antagonists of the Internship Arc.


Chronostasis is distinguished by the raincoat he wears. Like the other members of the Eight Precepts of Death, he wears a plague mask. With his hood and mask off, it can be seen that his hair forms "clock needles" that he uses for his Quirk.


Chronostasis is a cold-hearted individual. He is not fazed when Overhaul kills a fellow subordinate and does not have objections to Eri's treatment. Being Overhaul's assistant, he is very loyal to his leader.


Internship Arc


Stealth: Unlike some of the other members of Shie Hassaikai, Chronostasis was seen jumping down from the ceiling during the scuffle between Overhaul and some members of the League of Villains, implying he had been in the room undetected for some time. This is proven by the fact that he fired two shots, one of which stripped Mr. Compress of his Quirk, where as the other missed its target. However, no one in the League of Villains seemed to notice his presence.


Chronostasis (クロノスタシス Kuronosutashisu?): Kurono's Quirk allows him to slow down the movements of anything he hits with his clock hand-like hair.[2] However, Kurono cannot extend his hair unless he is not moving.[1]

Equipment and Weapons

Gun: Chronostasis uses a handgun that fires his darts.

Special Darts: Chronostasis has access to bullet darts that carry some kind of substance that deactivates an individual's Quirk. According to Tomura, the dart that hits Atsuhiro Sako causes his Quirk to be unusable for a while. Going from Tomura's statement, it is possible the effects of the dart is not permanent. The substance in the dart came from is later revealed to be the blood and cells of Overhaul's "daughter" Eri, whose Quirk is to reverse the time of an individual.



Chronostasis is Overhaul's direct assistant. He is loyal to Overhaul and follows his orders without question. As a leading member of the Eight Precepts of Death, Chronostasis is trusted by Overhaul.

From what is seen of him, Chrono appears to be close with Overhaul. He is the first to act when the League of Villains attacks Overhaul and is wary of his boss almost being killed. Overhaul also refers to him as "Chrono".


  • A chronostasis is a kind of temporal illusion.
  • Kuro "玄" in his surname means (lit.mysterious,occultness) no "野" (lit.field). His name Hari "針" (,needle).
    • "Kurono"comes from his quirk Chronostasis


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