Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of Hirofumi Neda's My Hero Academia Smash!! manga.


Now that there are a decent amount of characters, All Might decides to have a Christmas themed holiday installment.

An Uncouth Question

All Might asks Class 1-A if they have any plans for Christmas. Class 1-A stare at All Might and wonder if he doesn't have a girlfriend, causing All Might to reply that he wanted to know if any of them wanted to help him with his charity. Class 1-A don't have any plans in particular; All Might finds teaching kids of marriageable age to be tough.

My Childhood Dream

Class 1-A and All Might go to a mountain. In exchange for him thinning this mountain's trees, All Might receives receives thinned timber for processing into little donations to be gifted to 1000 kindergartens across the country. Izuku cries because he will be one of the people giving a Christmas gift.

Senpai Gets Teased

As Class 1-A start cutting down trees, All Might sees that Katsuki has showed up. Eijirou says that he saw Katsuki climbing the mountain by himself, to which Kyouka finds to be masochistic. Eijirou understands that Katsuki was interested in helping in the first place, to which Katsuki denies. Izuku is surprised that Katsuki is getting teased. Izuku teases Katsuki that he will eventually get used to it, much to Katsuki's annoyance.

A Kind Man In All Situations

Eijirou's Quirk allows him to harden his body into super rigid armor. Eijirou is super nice to those around him. Katsuki blows down a tree which accidentally hits Eijirou. Katsuki blames Eijirou for being in his way, to which Eijirou apologizes. Minoru gets stuck onto Eijirou's chainsaw, causing Eijirou to ask about the safety of the chainsaw.

Natural Instinct 2

Tsuyu is pale and sleepy due to the cold weather. Izuku asks if she is alright, to which Tsuyu replies she is. In reality, Tsuyu is beginning to hibernate due to the cold weather. She crawls up inside a tree. Eijirou nearly cuts the tree Tsuyu is in and suggests that she hibernate inside the lodge, although Tsuyu is too comfortable to move away.

Too Warm

Back in the lodge, Izuku is tired from the work. All Might arrives and thanks Class 1-A for their work. As a reward, All Might gives them his special recipe cream stew. Class 1-A eat the stew. Tenya almost thanks All Might by calling him mother before correcting himself. Kyouka teases Tenya for his mistake.

Yaoyorozu's Personal Life

On Christmas Day, Class 1-A help out a kindergarten as charity. Momo creates toys for the kids. Eijirou comments on Momo liking children while Minoru wonders how Momo creates kids. Although, Eijirou notices that the toys Momo is creating are too realistic which frightens the kids.


Tsuyu is helping put up the decorations for the kindergarten. Izuku thinks that Tsuyu is trying harder to help out since she wasn't of much use on the mountain. Eijirou learns that even the ever so detached Tsuyu has her gallant side.


Kyouka sings a Christmas punk-styled song for the kids. Kyouka finds the kids to be cute when they are unable to pronounce the words of the song correctly. Ochako floats a candle fire for the kids as entertainment while Katsuki and Eijirou act as reindeer for the kids to ride.

An Unlikely Aptitude

The kindergarden children thank All Might for showing up. Ochako and Izuku comment on having a fun time. Momo is surprised that Katsuki wanted to stay longer, to which All Might says that it was a request from the kindergarden director. Inside, the kindergarden children huddle around Katsuki, much to his frustration.

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