"Runner" is the seventh chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals manga.


Team Idaten's PITO1 vehicle is chasing a running villain who is committing reckless driving on the highway. The villain is heading towards the Naruhata Area because in his past three appearances he caused inflammatory incidents by riding around the loop lane. Having confirmed that there are no civilian vehicles ahead, PITO1 allows Tensei Iida, better known as Turbo Hero Ingenium, to chase down the running villain. Tensei orders the running villain to pull over, but the running villain eludes Tensei. The running villain claims that Tensei must stake his life on running if he wants to catch him, cackling while in the process lashing out his black tipped tongue. The running villain kicks Tensei which causes Tensei to lose control. The running villain escapes while Tensei manages to save himself using airbags he installed.

The next day, Kouichi Haimawari is jogging in his neighborhood and is able to practice using his Quirk due to the expressway opening ten years ago which has decreased the population in the area. Kouichi using his Sliding and sees someone jogging. Kouichi passes the person while commenting that braking is an issue. The person catches up to Kouichi, which shocks him. The person manages to stop Kouichi from crashing. The person introduces himself as Tensei Iida and asks Kouichi if he has heard of Turbo Hero Ingenium. Kouichi is surprised that he is speaking to Turbo Hero Ingenium in person. Kouichi apologizes for using his Quirk to which Tensei is fine with. Tensei inquires about Kouichi's Quirk and sees that he has trouble stopping. Kouichi replies that his Sliding uses a repellent force which allows him to propel forward, backwards, side to side and rotate. Tensei states that Kouichi's Quirk is convenient for being able to turn and comments that his little brother cannot turn corners yet. Kouichi states that he uses the rubber on his shoes to brake. Tensei sees that Kouichi's problem is the way he is using his Quirk and suggests to Kouichi that he should offset his momentum by thinking of suddenly accelerating in the opposite direction. Kouichi practices Tensei's suggestion and succeeds in braking. Kouichi is happy that his biggest problem has been solved while Tensei sees the usefulness of Kouichi's Quirk. Kouichi doesn't see his Quirk as useful, to which Tensei rebukes since speed is paramount when it comes to saving people's lives. Seeing his potential, Tensei offers Kouichi the chance to join his Hero agency which specializes in speed and teamwork. Kouichi replies that he doesn't have a Hero License, but Tensei suggests that he can work on the scene as a support staff member while earning his qualification little by little. Tensei gives Kouichi his business card as a representative of Team Idaten and time to think his choice over.

Kouichi returns to his apartment cooking fried rice for Knuckleduster. Knuckleduster returns and sees Kouichi's happiness, to which Pop Step comments that Kouichi was scouted by a Pro Hero. However, Pop Step comments that Pro Heroes gives hundreds of flyers to anyone they meet while Knuckeduster is annoyed that Kouichi prefers Tensei over him, to which Kouichi comments that he just wanted to be recognized by an upright member of society.

5km away from Naruhata that evening, Tensei is chasing after the running villain again. This time, however, Tensei is able to match the running villain's speed. The running villain sees a safety blockade formed by the other Heroes of Team Idaten. Tensei crashes into the safety blockade, but the running villain reveals that he can fly by manifesting his wings. Idaten's Team Two rushes to confront the running villain's target location. One of the flying Heroes of Team Idaten tries netting the villain, but the villain evades his effort. The running villain lands on the ground and sees Team Two, but gets past them. Tensei is rushing to the villain's location. As the villain starts boasting about his speed, Kouichi uses his Sliding to cause the villain to trip and Knuckleduster punches the villain in the face, knocking him unconscious. Tensei catches up and wonders who defeated and tied up the running villain. On the rooftop, Tensei and Heroes of Team Idaten see The Crawler, Knuckleduster and Pop Step. Seeing that their job is done, the Vigilantes retreat. A Hero of Team Idaten asks Tensei if they should chase after them. However, Tensei decides to call it a night.

The next day, Kouichi is jogging and so is Tensei. Tensei catches up and thanks Kouichi for his help, referring to him as The Crawler. However, Kouichi dismisses the fact that he is The Crawler. Seeing his mistake, Tensei asks Kouichi to tell The Crawler they had a nice run. Tensei asks Kouichi for his business card back, which surprises Kouichi. Tensei sees that Kouichi has found the right place he belongs and he respects that. Furthermore, Tensei feels that it was wrong of him to bring up the subject of his Hero job to a jogging buddy. Disappointed, Kouichi gives back Tensei's business card. Tensei apologizes if he hurt Kouichi's feelings and makes it up to him by racing him. Kouichi and Tensei race to the next corner.

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