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Conclusion!? (終局!? Shūkyoku!??) is the fifty-fifth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


At the other battlefield, the Noumu-like creature absorbs and releases Endeavor's flames but Endeavor mocks the creature's Quirk and pitiful attempt. However, Gran Torino tells Endeavor to be aware of the Noumu-like creature as it possesses multiple Quirks. The Noumu-like creature prepares to attack Endeavor with a tongue-like Quirk. Suddenly, Gran Torino propels himself at a great speed and smashes down into the Noumu-like creature, defeating it. Endeavor decides to let his sidekicks restrain the Noumu-like creature and tells Gran Torino to go to the address that he will give him.

Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya's enhanced punch and Tenya Iida's Recipro Burst hit Stain. The combined might of Izuku and Tenya's attacks causes Stain to lose consciousness. However, Stain keeps himself awake and makes one last ditch attempt to kill Tenya by attacking Tenya with a blade. However, Tenya kicks Stain again and Shouto shoots a stream of fire at Stain's face, burning the Hero Killer's face. Shouto Todoroki and Tenya's additional attacks causes Stain to reach his limit, becoming unconscious and falls onto Shouto's ice, defeated. Shouto creates an ice ramp so that Izuku and Tenya can land safely. Izuku, Shouto, and Tenya remove Stain's weapons and tie him up.

Izuku, Shouto, Tenya and the Pro Hero leave the alley with the unconscious Stain in tow being pulled by Shouto. Tenya asks Shouto if he can be the one who pulls Stain to which Shouto denies Tenya's request due to Tenya's arm being badly damaged; the Pro Hero laments about being a burden but Izuku eases his worry since no one can defeat Stain in a one-on-one battle due to his Quirk. Gran Torino arrives at the address Endeavor gave him and encounters Izuku's group who have defeated the Hero Killer Stain. Gran Torino propels his foot into Izuku's face, annoyed that Izuku did not stay put. However, he is relieved that Izuku is alright. Then, Endeavor's sidekicks arrive. Tenya apologizes for his un-heroic actions with Izuku saying that he is also sorry for overlooking his pain; Shouto tells Tenya to pull himself together because he is the Class President with Tenya complying.

Suddenly, the winged Noumu-like creature appears in the sky. Gran Torino sees the winged Noumu-like creature above and commands everyone to duck. The winged Noumu-like creature grabs Izuku and prepares to fly away. Gran Torino prepares to propel himself into the air to rescue Izuku and Shouto prepares his fire.

Shockingly, Stain regains consciousness and frees himself from the ropes with a blade up his sleeve. Stain licks off the winged Noumu-like creature's blood from the female Pro Hero's face and activates his Quirk. The winged Noumu-like creature becomes paralyzed due to Stain's Quirk and stops flying, dropping Izuku in the process. Stain stabs the winged Noumu-like creature's brain and defeats it, causing to fall to the ground. Stain grabs Izuku and saves him. Stain, despite being heavily injured, states that the "fake" Pro Heroes and the pathetic criminals in society are his targets for his purge, saying that everything he is doing is for a just world. Izuku and the Pro Hero who was injured by Stain are shocked at the Hero Killer's actions.


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