Todoroki vs. Bakugou is the forty-third chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.

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The final match of the tournament event between Katsuki and Shouto begins. Shouto makes his move first and attacks Katsuki with a huge pillar of ice, trying to end the fight quickly. However, Katsuki thaws himself out with an Explosion. After breaking out of Shouto's ice, Katsuki uses some Explosions to somersault himself into the air. While in the air, Katsuki grabs Shouto's hair and shirt and throws Shouto onto the ground, but Shouto creates an ice wall behind himself to prevent himself from being thrown out of the ring. Katsuki immediately attacks Shouto again with an Explosion. Shouto dodges Katsuki's Explosion and he counters by throwing Katsuki into his ice wall while in the process throws himself out of harm's way.

Katsuki becomes angry at Shouto for not using his full power, telling Shouto to not stand in front of him if he is not fighting to win. Katsuki prepares his next attack by jumping into the air and spinning himself around with two Explosions in his hands. As Katsuki makes his preparations, Shouto is in deep thought of whether to use his fire power or not; having trouble on deciding if it is the right choice to use it or not. Shouto admits to himself that since fighting Izuku he is struggling on what to do and how he should proceed. Shouto is confused and conflicted from his deep thinking. After Izuku yells at Shouto to keep fighting, Shouto decides to get his head in the game and activates his fire power. After activating his fire power, Shouto remembers the trauma of his mother's reaction to his fire power and becomes disheartened, causing him to deactivate his fire power. Katsuki's preparations are complete and after gaining momentum for his Explosions from spinning, attacks Shouto with his move Howitzer Impact, an explosive tornado that hits Shouto.

After the smoke clears, Shouto is out of bounds, seemingly knocked out. A furious Katsuki walks to Shouto and grabs him by his shirt, dissatisfied with Shouto's performance. However, Katsuki is knocked out by Midnight's perfume before he can do anything to Shouto. Because he went out of bounds, Shouto loses and Katsuki is declared the winner of the final match and tournament event as well as the winner of U.A.'s Freshmen Sports Festival.

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