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Midoriya and Endeavor is the thirty-seventh chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.

Summary Edit

Katsuki has defeated Ochako and is declared as the winner and thus moves on to the second round. Katsuki leaves the ring and goes up the corridor, encountering Izuku. Katsuki accuses Izuku of giving Ochako strategies to use against him. However, Izuku denies this accusation, saying that Ochako was the one who came up with the meteor shower strategy to use against him and tells Katsuki that Ochako was the one giving him a hard time, much to Katsuki's anger.

Izuku goes to see Ochako who is in one of the waiting rooms and has had her wounds healed. Ochako tells Izuku that she is fine and states to him that she cannot afford to lose again.

Meanwhile, Eijirou and Tetsutetsu have their tie-breaker arm wrestling match to determine who moves on to the next round. Eijirou defeats Tetsutetsu in the arm wrestling match, allowing him to move on to the next round.

The first match of the second round is about to begin shortly, with Ochako apologizing to Izuku for using up his time and says that she will be rooting for him. After Izuku leaves, Ochako gets a call from her father. She tries to tell him that she tried her best for their sake, but her father says that there isn't any rush, telling Ochako that he knows that she will become a great Hero, causing Ochako to cry.

Izuku is walking to his second round match, but surprisingly encounters Endeavor along the way which shocks him. After Endeavor tells Izuku that his Quirk can rival All Might, Izuku tries to leave, not wanting to be anywhere near him. As Izuku leaves, Endeavor tells Izuku to do his best not to give Shouto a disgraceful match. Before leaving, Izuku tells Endeavor that he isn't All Might and Shouto isn't him.

The first match of the second round is about to commence with both Izuku and Shouto in the ring. The match begins and both Izuku and Shouto prepare to attack.

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