Broadcast is an extra chapter between Chapter 34 and Chapter 35 of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


The chapter starts with Midnight and Mount Lady being welcomed to the show, "Live Until the Early Afternoon". Midnight then goes on to say they will be discussing if sexiness is or is not needed in the hero biz. The host then goes on to talk about how Midnight's costume became the talk of the town when she debuted. Since then, the government then passed legislation on the exposure of the costumes. Mount Lady then says its still pretty "wow", and Midnight responds by saying they're just sheer tights now. She then says that depending on the Quirk, costumes can get in the way and that sexiness isn't the true goal. Its just that when you cut down the costume, people see it as "sexy". Mount Lady then responds by saying, "its just your thing, isn't it?". Midnight then gets a bit irritated and says, "thats some chip on your shoulder". Mount Lady says that she's just incredible. She then says "if I were your age..." and they both start arguing over it. In the next panel Minoru Mineta is shown watching live, and says its the "Best Episode Ever".

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