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Game Over (ゲームオーバー, Gēmuōbā) is the seventeenth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


At the Ruins Zone, Katsuki and Eijirou defeat the villains that are there with Katsuki commenting how weak they were. Eijirou decides that they should go help their classmates, with Katsuki declining his plan and instead wants to beat Kurogiri, saying that he is the League of Villains' gateway and defeating him will put the League of Villains at a disadvantage. One of the surviving villains try to attack Katsuki from behind, but Katsuki knocks out the villain with an Explosion. After seeing Katsuki's manliness, Eijirou decides to go with Katsuki.

Near the exit of the USJ, Tenya is about to reach the exit, but Kurogiri once again impedes in his path. As Kurogiri is about to cause Tenya to warp away, Ochako grabs onto Kurogiri's plates around his neck (after surmising that those plates are part of his real body) and uses her Quirk to make the plates float, causing Kurogiri to go into the air. Tenya reaches the exit, goes through it and dashes off to U.A.. After being flung into the air, Kurogiri decides to warn Tomura and warps himself away.

At the Central Plaza, the severely beaten Shouta tries to get up but Noumu pins him down. Kurogiri appears before Tomura, telling him that Thirteen is defeated but he could not stop one of the students from escaping, much to Tomura's frustration. Realizing that the escaped student will most likely go and find dozens of Pro Heroes whom they won't be able to defeat, Tomura decides to retreat. However, after seeing Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru, Tomura says that before they retreat, they will knock the Symbol of Peace's pride down a notch and attacks the students, grabbing Tsuyu's face but isn't able to disintegrate her as Shouta uses all his remaining strength to nullify Tomura's Quirk before being pinned down again by Noumu. Izuku attacks Tomura although Noumu intercepts it. Izuku notes that his punch was successful but realizes that it had no effect on Noumu.

Izuku and Tsuyu get into a brief scuffle with Tomura and Noumu. Suddenly, the doors of the USJ burst open, revealing All Might in the flesh, telling everyone to have no fear since he has arrived, much to Class 1-A's happiness. Tomura decides to continue their mission.

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