"Those Who Judge" is the tenth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals manga.


Souga and Moyuru visit the hospitalized Raputo. Moyuru gives Raputo a soda pop and an issue of Jump he just finished reading. Although he is skeptical of the items being "get well" gifts, Raputo is more concerned about a lighter for his cigarettes. Suddenly, a nurse barges in and berates Raputo for trying to smoke inside the hospital. Raputo decides to go outside. Raputo, Souga and Moyuru smoke outside the hospital and discuss Raputo discharge from the hospital; Raputo is thankful to his lizard Quirk he is healing faster, although he admits that it was the Trigger drug that saved his life and found it to be cool flying in the air after taking it. Souga asks Raputo if he wants to take the Trigger drug again, to which Raputo rejects because he doesn't want to be hospitalized again.

In an alley, Souga meets to Quinn. Quinn wonders where his friends are, to which Souga tells Quinn to leave them alone. However, Quinn is adamant on Souga inviting his friends to take the Trigger drug again because of the recent news; the attack on Danto Ward's villain organization's office by a viscous criminal who murdered a powerful yakuza group. Quinn tries convincing Souga to let him and his friends take the Trigger drug again if they want to stand a chance against the viscous criminal. Souga still refuses Quinn's help and will take on the viscous criminal himself. Quinn praises Souga's motivation, but her talk is cut short when the viscous criminal himself announces his presence, which catches Souga's attention.

The viscous criminal, Stendhal appears and is tired of hearing Quinn and Souga's nonsense, deciding to cut down Souga and move on to his next target. Quinn offers Souga the Trigger drug to fight Stendhal. Surprisingly, Souga breaks the Trigger drugs and decides to fight without any drug, confident enough to take on Stendhal with his Quirk alone. Quinn is disappointed with Souga's decision, finding it to be boring and decides to make things interesting. Quinn activates her Quirk and strikes Souga with her bees. Quinn leaves the alley with a grin on her face, which incites Souga. In his childhood, Souga suffered from discrimination due to his scary looking spike Quirk and people making mocking grins at him. Enraged at the discrimination he suffered and the effects of the Trigger Quinn injected into him with her bees, Souga's Quirk is enhanced and he transforms into a beast, while screaming in rage. Kouichi hears Souga's screams and goes to investigate.

Seeing that Souga has shown his true colors, Stendhal prepares to strike down the villain. However, Kouichi appears but is surprised to see Stendhal and Souga. Stendhal tells the Crawler to step aside, but Kouichi would like to talk things out. However, Stendhal draws his sword and cuts Souga, which surprises Kouichi. Kouichi realizes that Stendhal truly intends on killing Souga. Stendhal charges, but Kouichi uses his Sliding Quirk to appear in front of Stendhal, which causes Stendhal to trip. Using this window of opportunity, Kouichi manages to pick up the transformed Souga while Stendhal makes a quick recovery. Kouichi complains about Souga's spikes while Stendhal throws a knife into Kouichi's leg, causing him to fall down. Stendhal approaches the Crawler and warns him to not get in his way as there is no value in saving Souga since all he deserves is a dog's death. However, Kouich manages to activate his Sliding Quirk and slides away from Stendhal. Kouichi plans on sliding into a huge crowd of people. Stendhal praises Kouichi's innate act of goodness but still considers him evil since those who side with evil have evil within themselves. Stendhal strokes his finger on Kouichi's blood and licks it, activating his Quirk, Bloodcurdle. Kouichi comes to a halt and is unable to move. Stendhal tells the villains to draw their last words as they will be scattered to the dust by heaven's judgement. Stendhal tells the villains they are sinners and because of that, no one will save them.

Someone replies to Stendhal, telling him he is wrong. Someone tries kicking Stendhal but he dodges. The man who tried kicking Stendhal is none other than Knuckleduster, who announces his presence.

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