Breaking Bakugo (折れろ爆豪, Orero Bakugō) is the tenth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


After Katsuki unleashes his huge explosion, Tenya and Ochaco feel the aftershock, with Tenya commenting on Katsuki's madness. Ochaco, seeing that Tenya is distracted, decides to make a run for the core, but Tenya sees this and tries to stop her. Ochaco jumps above Tenya using her Quirk. As she reaches the core, Tenya grabs the core away from her using his Quirk.

Meanwhile, All Might warns Katsuki that if he uses another explosion of that degree, he will end the exercise and they will lose. Katsuki decides to resort to fist fighting and jumps towards Izuku. Izuku tries to attack, but Katsuki uses his explosion to redirect his trajectory, allowing him to get behind Izuku and hits Izuku's back with an explosion. Katsuki takes Izuku's arm and throws him onto the ground, saying that he is beneath him. With no time to strategize and realizing that Katsuki is far too strong for him, Izuku tries to escape, buts finds himself cornered with no where to run. Now that there are no other options remaining, Izuku has no choice but to use One For All. He and Katsuki charge at each other. Izuku uses Detroit Smash on the ceiling while Katsuki's Explosion hits Izuku.

Izuku's Detroit Smash destroys the floor where Ochaco and Tenya are on with Ochaco holding onto a pillar for safety. Ochaco, using the pillar thanks to her Quirk, smacks debris at Tenya who becomes distracted by it. Ochaco jumps over the distracted Tenya and grabs the Nuclear Core. All Might declares that the Hero Team (Izuku and Ochaco) wins, much to Katsuki's surprise.

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