Buster Hero (バスターヒーロー Basutā Hīrō?) is a pro hero in My Hero Academia.


Buster Hero's hero costume is a white armor over his red uniform and he has his Air Jet on his back. He has a white cannon on one of his arms and also wears white boots.


Nothing is known about his personality.


Entrance Exam Arc

He is first seen battling the unknown enemy with other heroes.[1]

Sports Festival Arc

When Mei Hatsume shows her gadgets to Izuku Midoriya, she shows him a Jet Pack, which Izuku notes to be based on Buster Hero's Air Jet. Izuku says he likes Buster Hero, too and that Buster Hero's office is in his old neighborhood.[2]

Quirk and Abilities

Equipment and Weapons

  • Air Jet (エアジェット Eajetto?)



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  2. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 27, Page 15

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