Blood Manipulation (操血 (そうけつ) Sōketsu?)[1] is a Quirk used by Sekijiro Kan.


This Quirk allows Sekijiro to manipulate his own blood for combat.

The blood appears to be ejected from his gloves, which are connected to tubes attached to various parts of his body. Once the blood is out in open air, Blood King can harden it to immobilize foes. He is further capable of reabsorbing his blood back through his aforementioned gloves if he so wishes.


  • This power is very similar to the Branch of Sin from the anime and manga series, Deadman Wonderland. Both powers can only be used externally; by drawing the user's blood out. However, Sekijiro is able to reabsorb his own blood; once the blood left the Deadman's body, it could not be reabsorbed.


  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 82

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  • Blood - Wikipedia article about the substance Sekijiro can manipulate.

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