• Swedaland


    1. Deku: Kind of an easy one with his awesome quirk and being the main character.

    2. Shoto Todoroki: Probably has one of the most god-like quirks in the series. His backstory is very interesting too.

    3. Kaminari: He reminds me of pikachu with his quirk and thats already great. Hes very funny and made an awesome move in the Provisional Hero License Exam against the dude who makes people potatoes or something....

    4. Kirishima: His quirk is basic but his personallity is my type. I love how he so motivated to be like Crimson Riot.

    5. Snipe: My favorite pro hero right now. His quirk is cool and I love his art style and clothing. Even though he isn't showed much in the show the times he is he does some nice work.


    1. Stain: His motivatio…

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    some cool quriks

    November 9, 2018 by GAMEONBOI

    Driller: A combination of the quirks gyrate and horn cannon. It allows the user to drill through anything using a rotating horn on their head.

    Double Jump: A combination of leap and slide and glide. The user is able to jump an infinite number of times by repelling themselves through upwards.

    Hyperdeath: A combination of the quirks acceleration and heal. The user of this quirk can speed up a single targets life, causing them to grow and develop at an accelerated rate. This process uses up so much of the targets energy that they will soon die.

    A world of my creation: A combination of the quirks Overhaul, Rewind and one for all. The user can completely control the surrounding area and can alter living beings nearby. They also have immense stren…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    more quirk ideas

    November 7, 2018 by Lover of the Muse

    Photosynthesis (光合成, kōgōsei) this mutant type quirk grants Miyu Natsumi green skin which absorbs solar energy, which she can then use to enhance her body, becoming stronger, faster, healing quicker, boosting her stamina, and so on. Similar to Momon Yaoyorozu, Miyu Natsumi's quirk requires a lot of exposed skin.

    Ossification (骨化) this transformation type quirk allows the user to externalize and manipulate his bones: he can regeneraste his bones or reinforce them, can protrude bone spikes from his body or project those bone spikes for long ranged attacks, can sharpen those spikes or rotate them like drills, can generate bone tentacles, can form an armor around his body from bones or protect certain internal organs by growing bones around them. …

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  • JiroBestGirl46132

    Really annoyed

    November 5, 2018 by JiroBestGirl46132

    I am super annoyed. I made an edit yesterday and had a 6 day editing streak. When I come on today to make an edit it was at 1 day. This is so studpid it make no sense.

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia: Two Heroes probably isn't going to be the last MHA movie so here are some ideas about future films in this franchise.

    • In the 2nd movie we will see the fallout of the crimes David Shield comitted in the first movie.
      • Melissa and David will be recurring characters with one or both appearing in some form in nearly every sequel, even if they aren't a main character.
    • Future MHA movies will continue to flesh out Toshinori Yagi's past both at U.A and during his time in America.
      • One or more the future MHA movies will have as the main antagonist a villain from All Might's younger years that has returned to seek revenge.
    • The first nine MHA movies will take place during the the breaks between semesters or years at U.A.
      • The first movie took…
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  • Ragingblaze592


    November 2, 2018 by Ragingblaze592

    NOTE: You may skip to the ninth paragraph to read the announcement if you do not wish to read the entire blog.

    A wiki is a hub where online users who share the same interest come together to form communities and provide detailed information on said interest; a so-called online home where these online users edit daily to add new information and update information, as well as create blogs to interact with each other where they write and reply about their interest. At the helm of these wiki communities are the Bureaucrats and Administrators, the guardians of the wiki who maintain order and prevent misinformed facts from being written and announce important updates or changes made without hiding anything. To shed and help with this great respons…

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  • Tetsuu30


    October 30, 2018 by Tetsuu30

    Hey im new here i love yall

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  • Lover of the Muse

    These are some more characters that will appear in my fanfiction Out of TIme-My Hero Academia:Exiles.

    Hayasa is an athletic teenager about 165 cm (5'3") tall with golden blonde hair and yellow eyes.

    Her hero outfit includes a black leather jacket opened to reveal a shirt with slanted black and yellow stripes like a hazard sign. She has black pants and a rectangle with the same hazard stripes as her shirt going down each leg. Covering Hayasa's forearms are metal gauntlets with a wheel in the middle.

    Kinetic Energy (運動エネルギー) gives Hayasa the power to absorb kinetic energy from objects she touches then use that stolen energy to temporarily enhance her speed and strengthen certain attacks, or she can transfer that energy into other objects via to…

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  • HenriiShinso

    Newish to the server

    October 26, 2018 by HenriiShinso

    Im new here, but I would like to be useful, especially in the Grammar Department. I hope that I will contribute something helpful, wish me luck!

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  • JiroBestGirl46132
    1. Muscular
    2. Tomura Shigaraki
    3. Chizome Akaguro
    4. Nomu
    5. Mustard
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  • Lover of the Muse

    Out of Time-My Hero Academia: Exiles (アウト・オブ・タイム-僕のヒーローアカデミア:エクサイルズ) is a fanfiction concept I came up with.

    Naomi Arizuka had belonged to the 8% minority of the population born with a quirk, in her case it was a mutant type quirk called Ant (蟻). Naomi had rose red hair, black eyed, ruby red antenna she could use to sense things, she had four arms, and large insect wings coming from her back. Her quirk also made her incredibly durable and granted her enhanced strength to the point she can lift things several times her own weight.

    Because of her mutated features Naomi was prejudged, discriminated against, and bullied growing up especially by Akira Kurosawa. Naomi begins the story as an awkward tomboy with traits of internalized misogyny. Naomi i…

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  • JiroBestGirl46132
    1. Kyoka Jiro
    2. Fumikage Tokoyami
    3. Ochaco Uraraka
    4. Shoto Todoroki
    5. Yuga Aoyama
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  • Lover of the Muse

    Let's investigate the msytery of the U.A traitor. I'm going to walk you through the evidence and my analysis of what's been presented and introduce you to the suspects, then I'll let you draw you're own conclusions.

    I look forward to getting you're feedback.

    There's strong circumstantial evidence that there is indeed a traitor at U.A, either among the staff or the students. We know the teacher's schedules are a closely kept secret, but during the USJ attack Kurogiri mentioned that they had received a copy of it.

    This could have been stolen by a student when the teachers were distracted by the media invading the campus, or it could have just been given to them by a teacher. I think we can confidantly rule out All Might, Eraserhead, and Thirtee…

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  • Amethyt's lover


    October 20, 2018 by Amethyt's lover

    Heyo! I haven't really been on in a while, but with seeing the All Might movie and being somewhat caught up on the anime (hard with school and such), I'll be able to come on back with my grammar correcting and info adding!

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  • UhSmesh

    Ship Kween

    October 19, 2018 by UhSmesh

    Welp, I'm new here but I just like talking with other people out there. So Hi! I'm Riku, I really enjoy shipping random things and yeah I guess thats all for now

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  • Ingenium Burst

    Well personally i think he is both strong and weak, He does have  amazing streagth but there is a down fall of that HE BREAKS HIS ARMS ALL MOST EVERY TIME HE USES IT!  He does learn to use only 5% of it when he was with  Gran Torino  hold that fish cookie , I forgot what  the cookie is called and that I think was step one for him on his way of actally using it also  I think he doesn't think of one for all as part of his of his body well a natural thing that happens with your body and I think he talks about that in I think in season 1 or 2 about the quirks  manafesting at the age I think it was 4 so they had few years to learn to use there quirks and he didnt. He begins useing only 5% through the battle with stain. 

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  • Lover of the Muse

    These are some predictions I have for the upcoming rounds of the Joint Trainign Exercise, including speculation on the quirks of class 1-B. I'm predicting that when we enter Round5, class A and B will be tied 2 to 2.

    Right now victory in this fight rests on the shoulders of Junzo Honenuki and Shoto Todoroki. If Class1A captures Honenuki without Todoroki being captured then they will be victorious and if Class1B captures Todoroki without Honenuki being captured then they will be victorious. Junzo Honenuki escaped

    Tetsutetsu can break through Todoroki's ice and isn't hurt by his fire either. This fight seems to be building up to Todoroki needing to use Prominance Burn in order to defeat Tetsutetsu but I'm not sure if he can do it.

    Honenuki's qu…

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  • LordBakugo

    arm boi

    October 11, 2018 by LordBakugo

    what if shoji had one for all with all of his arms thats what i would call a true number one hero

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  • Ashdude555

    How cool would that be?

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  • Lover of the Muse

    This is the fourth in my blog series about my ideas for potential future My Hero Academia arcs.

    Tartarus Jailbreak: Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains locate and attack Tartarus, unleashing  infamous villains: including Toxic Chainsaw; Destro of the Quirk Liberation Army; Oji Harima, the uncanny theif; Kurogiri; Wolfram of the I-Island Incident; the Hero Killer Stain; and of course All For One.

    Overhaul might reappear in this arc but will not escape. This will be the final arc in the "Rise of Villains Saga" and will up the events of the "Tartarus Escapee Saga".

    Crimes of Endeavor: Just as it looks like the public has finally accepted Endeavor as the #1 Hero and his relationship with Shoto is improving, his past catches up with him. N…

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  • Twinkling123


    October 8, 2018 by Twinkling123

    hello, I'm new to this community I hope I can be of service here and help you all with this wiki!!

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  • BNHAEpikkk

    G'day fellow BNHA fans. I recently made this into a page instead of a Blog. I apologize as this is my first time on this site.

    But the purpose of this Blog is to of course share any of your ideas and creations of what Super Moves U.A students could use in combat or rescue situations.

    Please feel free to post any ultimate move ideas that you have, especially for students whom haven't shown to have possessed any ultimate moves in the series or the manga. For example, Ojiro, Shoji and Koda.

    Have fun! PLUS ULTRA! :D

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  • EdNeplus


    So guys whats up! I am Ed and this is my first discussion blog. So guys the new chapter of manga Ep 125 is out! What do you guys think about it? Tokayami has the new move call Black Ankh Sabbath basically I think is increasing his speed while flying? And Momo has a good thinking skill that make us thought class 1a team is gonna win again but in the end they lost... kinda sad..

    Let me know what you guys think of it!

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  • Icecreamshoto


    Spoilers ahead. 

    Season 3 has officially Ended and Season 4 is also confirmed.

    What Now?

    Well aside from telling you that the manga is still updating, that is if you want to spoil yourself why not try it.

    But what about Season 4?

    We already saw a few faces that we should expect will have a big Impact on our beloved students of UA

    that is Mr. Nighteye & Overhaul to name a few not to mention Overhauls goons 

    and also don't forget, My hype for Mirio My boy ( Im still hype for him) as you know the big three along with Nejire and Tamaki gave some few tips of what to expect of what will happen this time for them 1A. Its the real deal bois!

    So as we wait... you know what I'll just binge rewatch the 3 seasons of MHA.


    -Enji えんじ 


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  • Lover of the Muse

    The Internship Arc included several fights that don't have pages yet and the pages that do exist aren't connected to each other properly yet.

    • Class 1-A vs. Mirio Togata:
    • Overhaul vs. League of Villains:
    • Izuku Midoriya vs. Sir Nighteye: chapters 127-128
    • Ochako, Froppy, Nejire Hado and Ryuko vs. Giant VIllains: 131
    • Eijiro Kirishima vs. thug with blade quirk:  132-134. Granted I don't think we ever got the name of the guy Kirishima is fighting and chasing here but this fight is important because it's where "Trigger" was first seen in action.

    Eight Precepts of Death Raid

    1. Tamaki Amajiki vs. Setsuno, Hojo & Tabe: 140-141. When you go to this spage it says this fight is happening simultaniously with the next fight listed, and says the next fight is Izuk…
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  • Lover of the Muse

    I've decided that in my upcoming next generation fanfiction that Izuku and Ochako will have no more than four children, but this presents me with something of a problem since I've come up with half a dozen ideas for potential quirks their children could have.

    Izuku and Ochako's firstborn children, Toshi & Nori will be known as the "Gravity Twins" since they both develop gravity manipulation quirks. These are the two quirks I have decided on for sure.

    Gives Toshi Midoriya the ability to increase gravity by touch.

    Toshi has tiny pads on the tips of each finger, anything that is touched by these pads she can increase it's gravity making is heavier and harder to move and putting more pressure on it. In order to cancel the effects of Hypergravity,…

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  • Koopa422

    I watched the movie and noticed that none of of the pro heros where given names and there quirks where never used. I think it’s best to delete most of the movie pages, But I’d hear other thoughts on it Koopa422 (talk) 22:32, September 29, 2018 (UTC)

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  • DaCheeseLord1oh1

    Hello Everyone! Its meh :P Anyways, OP 3 has been getting a lot of hate ever since it first came out. Why? In my opinio, OP 3 is amazing! I'm not sure why it gets so much hate. I mean, sure, NOTHING beats OP 2 during the U.A. Sports Festival Arc. But honestly, why does it get hate? If you hate it or someone else hates, or simply want to join in, please tell me what you think. Why do you hate it?  P.S. OP 3 is ODD FUTURE by UVERworld.

    just chill bro

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  • DaCheeseLord1oh1

    As you saw in the latest episode of MHA, Unrivaled, it ends with Twice introducing Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) to the rest of the League of Villains. Then, It says it will be continued in Season 4. We were also introduced to The Big Three, the three top students in U.A. consisting of Mirio Togata, Neijire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. 

    What do you think of the ending of season 3? What will come in Season 4? 

    Honestly, I hope season 4 comes soon and until then, im gonna rewatch Two Heroes ^.^

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  • Chris the Gaming Thunder

    So, I've been thinking of several possible crossovers My Hero could have. Some are pretty obvious, like:

    • RWBY
    • Little Witch Academia
    • One Punch Man
    • Naruto
    • MARVEL
    • DC Comics

    However, I wanted to think outside the box, so here's some others I thought:

    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Blue Exorcist
    • Seven Deadly Sins
    • Fairy Tail
    • Bleach
    • Assassination Classroom
    • Boruto
    • One Piece
    • Ultimate Muscle
    • Archie Comics
      • And by extension
        • Sonic the Hedgehog
        • Megaman
    • Kill la Kill

    What other potential crossovers can you think of? Let me know!

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    Possible quirks

    September 25, 2018 by GAMEONBOI

    Distortion: A combination of the quirks permeation and wave motion. This quirk allows the user to emit waves from their body that distort the surrounding area.

    Last Laugh: A combination of the quirks erasure and outburst. This quirk allows the user to erase somebody's quirk if they tell a joke and the person laughs.

    Ent: A combination of the quirks lumber and gigantification. This quirk allows the user to transform into a mythical creature known as an Ent. This gives the user the ability to control trees and plants but also makes them gigantic giving them immense power.

    Iron Fist: A combination of the quirks big fist and steel. This quirk allows the user to turn their fists into steel to increase their power.

    Ice Make: A combination of the qui…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    This is the third in my series of blogs about my ideas for future my Hero Academia Story Arcs. As I see it there are three types of story arcs in My Hero Academia.

    Independent Villains Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and a villain or group of villains who aren't part of the league, though the league might be involved to some capacity.

    Non-Villain Arcs: focus on the students doing something besides fighting villains; usually this means competing with each other and or passing a test at the school. These arcs have lower stakes but that also means the outcomes are less predictable. I was originally only going to do one blog about this type but I kept coming up with more ideas so I decided to make another blog about it.

    Sports Festival…
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    How strong is deku

    September 23, 2018 by GAMEONBOI


    So in the latest anime episode they revealed a new villain known as overhaul. (Manga spoilers from here) Deku fights this villain and uses something called 100% full cowl which was the real 100% of one for all power. In the new film we see prime all mights power which is all mights real 100% however this is far more powerful than 100% full cowl appears to be. Could anyone explain why dekus 100% seems weaker than all mights?

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  • Lover of the Muse

    One of the things I'm looking foreward to in the final round of the Joint Training Exercise is Neito Monoma copying One for All.

    The question of weather Neito Monoma can actually copy One for All is somewhat controversial, since Neito's quirk doesn't allows him to use two copied quirks simultaniously and we know that One for All came about from the combining a "stockpiling quirk" and a "quirk that passes on quirks".

    As I understand it the "stockpile" component of One for All accumulates energy over time and allows it's users access to that stockpiled power; this granting superhuman physical abilities. Every user can access the power stockpiled by the previous generations but also cultivates the power by contributing to that well of energy. T…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    This blog post is mostly an outline of how I think season 4 and 5 are going to be arranged and what kind of anime original content were going to see.

    Season 4 will probably come out in April 2019 and will focus primarily on the Internship arc and will be 25 episodes long. Season 4 is going to adapt the Internship Arc, and the Remedial Course Arc.

    Season 4 part 1
    # title chapters adapted ch per ep
    1 New Semester None (recap) 0
    2 Overhaul 125-126 2
    3 Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya 127-128 2
    4 Eri 129-130 2
    5 A hostile fate 131 1
    6 Let's go Gutsy, Red Riot ! 132-134 3
    7 Bird Heroes 199 (partially)

    8 An unpleasant talk 135-136 2
    9 Go! 137-138 2
    10 Suneater of the big 3 139-141 3
    11 Shield and the Lance 142-143 2
    12 Red Riot 144-146 3

    A hostile fate: contaisn…

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  • Pixal6602

    hi uh im kinda new to this stuff so yeah owo

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  • Lover of the Muse

    adressing complaints

    September 19, 2018 by Lover of the Muse

    In the past I have created multiple blog posts focusing on my ideas for My Hero Academia characters. Sometimes I've created blogs where I run through a group of OC ideas, such as my MHA: Next Gen set 1, and my MHA: Next Gen set 2. Sometimes I have created pages where I focus on a single OC and on these pages I would insert a character infobox onto the page and format the blog the same way the wiki pages for actual characters are formatted.

    For the second type I have repeatedly received comments asking me to not to post them anymore and to instead create pages onbokunoheroacademiafanon.wikia or on my-hero-academia-fanon.wikia, even though both of these sites have rules against creating pages about canon characters, variants of canon characte…

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  • 動物召喚獣

    Hello.  I am new to FANDOM and I am excited.  I can't wait to start to learn more about this anime.  I am also learning Japanese and it is really fun.  I hope to get to meet you all.  Have a great day!

    Kon'nichiwa. Watashi wa fandomu o atarashiku shite ori, totemo kōfun shite imasu. Watashi wa kono anime ni tsuite motto manabi hajimeru no o matsu koto ga dekimasen. Watashi mo nihongo o benkyō shite ite, hontōni omoshiroidesu. Minasan ni o ai shitai to omoimasu. Sutekina tsuitachi o! こんにちは。私はファンドムを新しくしており、とても興奮しています。私はこのアニメについてもっと学び始めるのを待つことができません。私も日本語を勉強していて、本当に面白いです。皆さんにお会いしたいと思います。すてきな一日を! Read more >
  • Otsuuki

    Hi hi! 

    I am otsu, call me tsu, tsuki, or kiko. 

    I am 19 and from the US.

    I guess I am writing this as an introduction post!

    Happy to be hear.

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  • PenguInABox

    Idk what I'm doing

    September 18, 2018 by PenguInABox

    Some times life is boring.

    Wait no 

    typo there haha

    lemmie try again k





    Life is always boring and there is no way to fix it 

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    Ones Justice

    September 18, 2018 by GAMEONBOI

    In the game my hero academia ones justice all might was a playable character. When you play as all might and you check his moveset there are two entirely new Smashes. Boston Smash and Michigan Smash. My question is should these two Smashes be considered canon and added to the all might page even though they were not featured in the anime or manga or should they be considered second level canon and be categorised differently? That's all I have to ask.

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  • No9ah10

    First of all I'm certainly not the only one to bring up the theory, but I've followed it since the Camp Arc (when it wasn't super strong), so I've been putting this copy pasta together for awhile.

    So basically I got tired of copy pasting my entire theory copypasta on the discord, so I just decided I work write a blog post on the wikia asking for opposing points and opinions. Before reading please remember that some points are only "evidence" from a narrative perspective, in a way that it wouldn't be evidence in real life, but evidence because it would work to tell a good story.

    1. We have yet to see the face of one of Shoto's older brothers (Touya). Everytime Touya appears in a manga panel his face is either turned away from the reader or hi…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Suzuki Todoroki

    September 16, 2018 by Lover of the Muse

    Suzuki Todoroki is one of the (鈴季) is a student who got into U.A High School through recommendation to train to become a pro hero. She is one of the main protagonists of "My Hero Academia: Family Honor".

    Suzuki Todoroki is a teenage girl with a mature physique. Suzuki has cat shaped eyes just like her mother and heterochromia just like her father; her right eye being onyx colored and her left eye being turqoise colored. Suzuki has long black, white, and red hair tied up into ponytails.

    Suzuki's hero costume consists of a navy blue double-breasted tailcoat with silver buttons and golden epaulet, and navy blue jeans. Initially Suzuki also wore black combat boots but Hana Tachibana has since inspired her to go barefoot.

    Suzuki is the firstborn …

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  • Zyroaria

    Learning the Ropes

    September 16, 2018 by Zyroaria

    Just thought I would go ahead and make a quick blog. See how it works and everything. Totally not to just get a badge...

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  • Icyhottodoroki


    September 15, 2018 by Icyhottodoroki

    HEllo, I’m Tamaki. I am new here but I’m active. My Discord is tamaki#9119.

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  • LordBakugo


    September 14, 2018 by LordBakugo

    idk what else to say so hi

    oh yeah and also bye 

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  • Lexuspexus

    Yeah, if someone could help me with all of this I'll be so happy 

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  • FloofinFloof


    September 14, 2018 by FloofinFloof

    I just wanted to say hello, as I've never made a blog - on this.

    It just seems like a intresting feature, and I wanted to say Hi!

    Have an amazing day and more! Plus Ultra! :)

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  • AlopecoidParticipator


    September 9, 2018 by AlopecoidParticipator

    Hello! My username is AlopecoidParticipator but you can call me Participator. I'm not recent to the Academia fandom, but I AM recent to Fandom in general, so I'm sorry if this is taboo or something... but I would really like some pointers on my OC! 

    Name: Dameris
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Occupation: student
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 150
    Hair: Bright blue spirit flames 
    Eye Color: Dark pits of black similar to Mirio Togata's
    Skin: The same bright blue spirit flames her body is made of
    Nationality: Greek
    School: UA
    Year: Freshman
    Distinguishing Features: Dameris is made entirely of bright blue spirit flames, and has no ears or visible mouth. She is completely deaf and relys on lip-reading and sign-language. She can speak basic Japane…

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  • Relein
    1. The possiblity of season 4 could be in December or after season 3 part 2 is finished.
    2. Season 4 mostly will be talking about Kai Chisaki and Eri also the big 3.
    3. There could be a possiblity that season 4 part 2 will take place about Kirishima's Red riot unbreakable but this could be apart of season 4.
    4. Also is it strange that the newest chapter was delayed.
    5. Bonus we need season 3 part 2 merch. We need Ms jokes!
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