• DragonKestrel

    Here in this blogpost I will answer any questions or comments the best I can.

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    • spoiler warning*

    So I'm kind of obsessed with the nomu as I'm so confused by them but whilst further researching them something occurred to me. The super regeneration quirk is posses by most likely all the black nomu. I'm not racist, endeavour said it himself. There is something weird about the black nomu. Not only are they a lot stronger than the others the posses the quirk super regeneration. The four eyed nomu didn't have super regeneration and neither did the winged one. The green nomu didn't have it either. BUT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. How do three separate people all have the same quirk, it doesn't add up. One of my friends suggested that all for one passed around but that makes no sense as the anti all might nomu had it but got arrested…

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    One for all

    July 17, 2018 by GAMEONBOI

    One for all consistently confuses me but one thing I need to take into account is that its not meant to be straightforward. The series gave us a set of rules from the start, then completely got rid of them and introduced the most powerful quirk in the series so far(in my opinion). This is why I want to decode it here.

    Chapter 2 of the manga is when we get our first proper explanation of the quirk. This is when the anime was different to the manga. That flashy light sequence shown when people do something cool with OFA is shown in chapter 2 except it is a graph of sorts. It shows the growth in power between each OFA user clearly. The first user was a small flicker of light, the second was twice the size of the first, the third barely changed…

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  • TheAura21

    Denki Kaminari, the electrifying student who seems to blend in with all the quirky personalities, shows he has some good capabilities and knows about his own quirk and its limitations relatively well. However, he is being slept on heavily by My Hero Academia's audience, and partly even by the writers and here is why I think so.

    Please bear in mind that THIS IS PURELY MY OPINION. You are more than welcome to leave a comment to express your thoughts about the matter but DO NOT START A BATTLE OR ARGUMENT BY USING RUDE AND HOSTILE TERMS TOWARDS ME.

    Arguably the Earth's most dangerous natural weapon is lightning. It moves at undetectable speed, carries immense heat and causes destruction to any life it touches. You may be thinking that this has a…

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  • Ginger7453

    -More screen time from Kirishima

    -Endeavor stepping up as a father

    -More of Inko Midoriya

    -Deku gaining more control of his quirk

    -Bonding moments between Kirishima and Bakugou

    -Training montages of All Might and Midoriya

    -Figuring out if Dabi is a Todoroki

    -A lot more of Toga (I love her)

    -Finding out who the traitor is

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  • Ginger7453

    I'm fully aware that many people dislike Yuga Aoyama. Almost like how numerous people despise Mineta. But, I don't think you guys understand how amazing he is.

    Not only can he shoot beams out of his belly; He can also break the four wall and stare directly at you.(Which I find hilarious) In Season 3, during the training camp when the Villains were attacking, Aoyama was the only one that tried to stop them before they stepped into the portal with Bakugou and Tokoyami.(Of course, they got away though) Although he seemed cowardly in the beginning episodes of the season; this action really showed his love and admiration for his classmates.

    Oh, and did I mention that he has lovely hair? To be Continued....

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  • Ginger7453

    Hey, guys! I'm Ginger. I'm new to Wikia, but I've been apart of the Bnha fandom since the beginning. My two favorite characters from the show are Aizawa Shouta and Eijiro Kirishima. The character I find the cutest would of course have to be Shinsou.(He's an angel) Since it is currently summertime, I will try to blog once a week. If I'm unable to do that, I will certainly make you guys aware. I'm looking forward to talking with you guys and obsessing over Bhna. (Also, please remember that I won't put spoiler warning in all of my blogs.)

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  • Iconoclassist

    After a recent discussion, I've taken notice to the ridiculous inconsistencies of the characters and quirks. A noteworthy example would be All Might and Deku, and the quirk One For All. As far as we know, OFA grows stronger when it is passed on (no explanation so far as to how), meaning that Deku possesses all of All Might's overwhelming energy. Since the power ceiling should be higher after passing the quirk down, Deku should have more power than All Might in his prime.

    However, Deku doesn't seem to be as fast or strong as All Might in any case. His physique is good enough to support Full Cowl at 5, 8 and 20%, but somehow he doesn't seem to overwhelm opponents like All Might does.

    In his fight with Bakugo, 5% could barely evade Bakugo's attacks…

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  • Mythomagius

    So a thought occured to me just now and i thought i'd share. What if someone with one for all was able to use the eight gates from Naruto?? How fricken OP would that be, i mean the user would end up destroying an entire city with just his/her breathing.

    Any thoughts?

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    (hope somebody got the reference) ENDEAVOUR is a total #### (roblox censoring). Those of you who are already ready to forgive him need to think about something. He only started caring about shoto after the sorts festival. If it wasn't that he would still be a hotheaded (see what I did there) angry guy. Please don't let him of the hook so quickly.

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    next gen quirks

    July 6, 2018 by GAMEONBOI

    These are some quirks I believe could appear in the future.

    Electrification +Earphone jack= Shock waves: It allows the user to generate electric waves and blast them in any direction through wires in their ears.

    Half hot half cold+ mist= temperature: It allows the user to raise or lower the temperature through mist they release from their body.

    permeation+ wave motion= distortion: allows the user to send waves at a person that make them intangible but the longer the target is intangible the more energy the user loses.

    Explosion+ acid= omega: allows the user to blast a nitroglycerin like substance from their palms and then cause the liquid to explode whenever they want.

    Creation+ engine= technopath: allows the user to create robots and other mec…

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    So I was thinking to myself what if Todoroki was a girl? It would lead to a massive change in the plot as there would be no momo and shoto (I actually don't know the ship name XD) shipping anymore. I believe that they would respond very differently to endeavours abuse. For example I doubt deku would be able to convince her to use her flames and also I don't think she would have received that burn as shoto got it because he physically resembled endeavour and seeing as she is a girl I think she will look more like Rei. She wouldn't intern under endeavour and I think Tenya would die fighting stain. Thx for reading my first post.

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  • Trident81

    I was thinking about what the most powerful quirk in BNHA is.

    All for One could be the most powerful quirk but if you look at his quirk on its own, it's not really that powerful because it doesn't really have any power until he steals someone else's quirk if you look at it that way. But also looking at One for All, it has amazing power but breaks their body if they go past their limit. It seems that all of the powerful quirks have some kind of set back which makes their quick not as powerful and that it depends on how the owner uses them, while other quirks are pretty useless. What is/could be the most powerful quirk in the show?

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  • Lover of the Muse

    At some point in the future I want Izuku Midoriya to be able to commune with or at least access the memories of past One for All holders. It's already been implied that there is some kind of psychic imprinting as the power is passed on from one person to the next.

    Ideally at the same time Izuku Midoriya is learning this information, All for One is telling his side of the story to Tomura Shigaraki. For the sake of simplicity I'm going to refer to All for One's younger brother and the original holder of One for All as "Primus" which is latin for "the first".

    I don't expect or want that to be his actual name but it was awkward to write "the little brother" or "the first holder' over and over again.

    The first story we learn is the backstory of Al…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Free for All (フリー・フォー・オール, furī fō ōru): allows for the sharing of other people's quirks. Before the user can access another persons quirk they first need to establish a 'link' by making physical contact.

    If the Free for All user then links with second person, then not only will the user be able to acess both of his targets quirks but his targets will also gain access to each other's quirks as well. The same principle applies if user links with three or more people.

    Although Free for All needs to touch somebody to establish a connection, the user can choose to sever that connection at any time. Free for All also has a limited range (20 meters/65.6 feet maximum) and if you go outside of that then the connection is broken. In order to reestabli…

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  • Udmartinez07

    I honestly just noticed who Hawks is, As well as that he is the number 2 hero now, but after that last chapter 186 I ve begun to suspect hawks. If you think about it his quirk is perfect to spy on from afar. he’s also has been keeping an eye on todoroki and u.a students. As well as he spoke to endeavor about the nomus without having any proof no out of no where a nomu appears to attack endeavor. What I think is that Kōhei Horikoshi want to to think the traitor is coming from within U.A but in fact it’s a top 10 hero and that hero maybe working with the league of villains. I may not know his goal but hawks trying to recruit todoroki to try and pin him against his father could’ve been one of his goals as well I believe the number 2 hero migh…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Shinan Esashi is the name I have given to the long haired boy with extending fingures that we saw in chapter 1 (episode 1 and 2 of the anime) and who shows up in Izuku and Bakugo's flashbacks. This guy was one of Bakugo's followers who helped beat up Izuku when they were kids.

    Althogh this character technically does exist in the manga and anime he was never given a name or developed.  Everything you read below about Shinan Esashi is my own invention.

    Growing up Esashi admired Bakugo's strength, intelligence. and determination the same way that Izuku did but unlike Izuku never tried to stop Bakugo from hurting anybody and instead would always join in. Shinan Esashi didn't believe he could ever stand at the top or be on the same level as Bakug…

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  • HowardBonty

    After thinking about who the spy or traitor at UA could be, I developed a theory: It might very well be Hagakure.

    Why? First and foremost: Because she would be perfect for spying. With her quirk, she could walk into the teachers lounge unnoticed (unless someone with an especially good nose like Ryo Inui was around) and find out crucial information without much effort. She could also get into the headmasters room and steal or copy documents. And connect her quirk with Twice’s Quirk, she could even sniff around the school while classes are being held, so she would never arouse any suspicion.

    Another aspect, for why I believe her to be the spy: Except for two or three times of comical relieve she did almost nothing up till now and never really …

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  • Lover of the Muse

    This is the progress that Izuku has made so far towards gaining full mastery of One for All.

    1. unleash 100% in one place (Quirk apprehenson test; Chapter 6). During this stage he would break an arm or at least a finger with every attack that used One for All.
    2. control a percentage in one place (Universal Simulation Joint). Izuku tries to hold back so that he doesn't damage his body.
    3. control a percentage throughout the body and put into regular use (Hero killer Arc; Chapter 48). Izuku chose 5% as his limit. This technique gave him greater manueviribility and increased speed and strength.
    4. Shoot Style (Hero Lisence Exam; Chapter 101). Developed a fighting style that focused more on kicking.
    5. upper limit moves from 5% to 8% (Hero Lisence Exam; Chapter …
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  • Lover of the Muse

    This blog is about the hypothetical lovechildren of My Hero Academia characters. Mostly it's focused on expoloring the ways different quirks could combine or evolve.

    Ochako's firstborn children Toshi and Nori are referred to as the "Gravity Twins" since they both inherited a variation of her quirk.

    Name: Toshi Midoriya

    Nickname: Heavyweight

    Quirk: Hypergravity (高重力, kō jūryoku):

    Quirk Description: allows her to increase the effects of gravity on objects she touches, making them very heavy and nigh-impossible to move. By using this ability on other objects or people, Toshi can crush them, slow them down, or immobilize them. By using this ability on herself Toshi makes herself very difficult to move or lift by external force. Toshi regularly trai…

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  • TesseractusJr

    I dont know

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  • Dekukevin

    HI everyone! so i made a video discussing possible gamemode for the new game coming out for console, if anyone could check out the video and give me feedback or just overall thoughts id be really happy ! Im Always ready to discuss things !

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  • HollowIchigo58

    This is carry over from MyAnimeList post that I did.

    I was thinking about this with My Hero Academia after seeing some really awesome fanart Villain versions of all the Heroes and after reading the Dark Night Metal Story in DC Comics will all these Evil Versions of Batman, how about a Villain Multiverse Story Arc where the villain versions of the Heroes invade the normal MHA world, since comics like doing this a lot and this series based off it, I think it would be pretty awesome.

    Also The Crisis on Earth-X crossover from the Arrowverse too

    A Multive…

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  • Melix0r

    My fav pics

    May 7, 2018 by Melix0r

    I had to do it, I just love those ones (manga spoilers) 

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  • TheAnimeFan63

    Why did Izuku hang around Bakugou when they were kids despite the fact that Bakugou treated him like trash?

    There must be some kind of explanation for this.

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  • ShigarakiNeedsLove

    Okay, so, what do you guys think of the handy man himself?

    He's done plenty of things to get multiple opinions. Some may like him, some may not, however I'm genuinely curious to hear some straight up opinions about the guy, you know?

    So, what's the scoop on Shigaraki?

    Is he a pretty good villain or a bad villain?

    Do you think there's room for pity, or not?

    Does he rely on All For One a little too much?

    Do you believe he would be a better villain without the assistance of anyone else?

    Or is he just fine the way he is?

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  • Dekukevin

    so ive made a video based on what i think the most likely characters or who i think would be the coolest characters to be put in the upcoming game are. give it a look and give me your thoughts for discussion youtube: Deku Kevin

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  • RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25

    Hi, name's Ryan i'm pretty new here so yeah I decided to make this blog, mkae up yer own quirks, let your imagination run free.

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Rio Tachibana is the biological mother of Hana Tachibana,  and a recurring antagonist of "My Hero Academia: Family Honor". Rio Tachibana has been imprisoned in Isengard Jail ever since she was defeated ten years ago by a team of heroes led by her arch-nemesis Overman (Osamu Ito). Despite being beaten, Rio did manage to mortally wound her antagonist. She eventually managed to build a new criminal empire that she is able to control from behind bars. Currently she is forced to act through proxies but her escape is inevitable.

    Rio Tachibana loves her daughter but wants Hana to carry on the family legacy and become a supervillain. Rio wants to sabotage her daughter's dreams of heroism and return Hana to the dark side. Rio also wants revenge on th…

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  • Damage3245

    Best Girl Ranking

    April 18, 2018 by Damage3245

    Completely subjective of course, and limited to Class 1-A at the moment.

    1) Mina Ashido

    2) Kyoka Jiro

    3) Momo Yaoyorozu

    4) Tsuyu Asui

    5) Ochaco Uraraka

    6) Toru Hagakure

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  • CherryCola02


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  • Lover of the Muse

    Name: Kenichi Ito

    Hero/Villain Name: Overman

    Appearance: Kenichi has platinum blonde hair styled up to look like All Might. He has an beautiful face but a scrawny body due to neglecting to exercise his muscles and over-relying on his quirk.

    Mind over Matter: an emitter type quirk that allows Kenichi to move/control matter with his mind. By using his quirk on his own body Kenici can increase the strength of his attacks, enhance his speed, jump higher and farther. He can also hover, fly, and control his descent as he falls. Kenichi can also control any material object within 5 meters/16 feet of his body: so he can levitate objects, push and pull objects, grip objects in place, and manipulate them in the air. Depending on the velocity Kenichi can c…

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  • Animegundude2.0

    posted this on amino a while back, idk if i ever put it on here.

    Shoto Todoroki.

    Quirk:half hot half cold

    Weaknesses: ice side: if he doesn't stay warm, he starts to get hypothermia.

    Fire side: unkown. possibley he gets too hot, and gets heat stroke

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  • Tomura Shigaraki M8s


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  • Bendyfanman

    1,000,000 prcent smash is really just izuku/ all might smashing during an aderenalin rush. if it was 1,000,000% that dude he punches who has muchle agmentation as a quirk, he woulda one punch man kamehemehad that guy

    edit: i just realized 1,000,000% would have made Izuku's bones into playdoe. and the rest of him too.

    also, please dont swear in the comments. im fine if you yell at me oin youtube, at animegundude, but, please, their are childeren on this wiki. my 12 yr old sister is on here.

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  • Mythomagius

    I've been thinking about it and i just wanted some ideas on how much stronger izuku will be compared to all might at both of their primes from a scientific point of view.

    And maybe what Izukus suit might end up being like in the future.

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  • Blastf0

    Nomu VS Class 1-A Top 3

    March 26, 2018 by Blastf0

    We all know that Nomu (the one that fought All Might in S1 during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc is one tough cookie. He withstood All Might 's barrage of punches which were so strong that they could create an updraft that literally changes the weather (Detroit Smash ) and to top it all off Nomu came back virtually unharmed and was captured by the police, requiring thick steel to keep him constrained, although he didn't resist.

    So on to the question, if Nomu was to go beserk and he was up against class 1-A's top 3 students in fighting (These are Bakugo , Midoriya and Todoroki ) Who would win? Not the 3 Student's are at their current strongest form, not the one they were at during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc meaning Midoriya…

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  • Ddlcmc

    the ice drawback is he gets frost bite and needs to warm up. that means the fire drawback is he gets too hot and needs to cool down.

    plz feature this.

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  • ElizabethVictoria00Catasthrophe

    Ok, so let us talk about the sweet cinammon roll, Izuku Midoriya. At first the manga or show was release. He was quirkless until All Might gave him One for All. He have a difficult time controling it until, Gran Torino -All Might's old Sensei and one of the holder of One For All- taught him.

    So, this is my theory. How did Izuku manage to use it even if he didn't know how? Everytime he use it, his body break and get him a ticket to the clinic. This is my answer. He might be not qurirkless before he got One For All. I think he's a latebloomer and maybe the doctor -where he got check up- was wrong that's my theory. Since both of his parent have quirks, maybe he got both, only one of them or different quirk. That's all. Remember, Stay Vexed!

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  • TheHaloVeteran Theres a discussion currently ongoing about whether or not we should use hiragana above kanji

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  • Katie Liv Phars

    Shigaraki Tomura's quirk, Decay, is a powerful emitter-type quirk that allows its user, Shigaraki, to break down anything he touches with all five fingers of his fingers. Decay has been shown to continue to break down whatever it begins to break down unless if it is forcibly deactivated, such as in the case of Eraserhead's elbow.

    What is not known is how exactly Decay works. The working hypothesis that I have is that Decay works by breaking apart the molecular structure of solid matter. The reason Decay is restricted to solid matter is due to the fact that solid matter has a stiffer molecular bond that is easier to break apart rather than the looser molecular bonds between liquids or gases. This would explain why the decaying part of the bo…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I don't know how many of you have actually seen the Crunchyroll Anime Awards or know the results...but I was just wondering what you guys think about it. My Hero Academia won so many awards that the award show itself was called the "My Hero Academia Awards"...

    Anyway, I myself don't have much of an issue. I love MHA and I'm glad that it won some awards...but it was a bit unfair. In some cases, MHA had two characters in the same category so that already increased the anime's chances of winning. 

    So, do you think My Hero Academia deserves all the awards it got? What anime would you have wanted to see as nominees? And...what do you think should've been declared as the best anime (and/or movie) of 2017?

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  • Lover of the Muse

    For the purpose of this blog I'm assuming UA follows the same type of Academic Calander as most contemporary Japanese High Schools. If that's true then this story still has a long way to go.

    • Entrance Exam:
    • Quirk Apprehension Test
    • USJ arc: end of season 1
    • sports festival arc:
    • Workplace training/Vs Hero Killer:
      • Full Cowl 5%
    • FIrst semester final exam arc: end of season 2

    • training camp
    • hideout raid arc:
    • Provisional lisence exam arc: end of season 3
      • Izuku develops Shoot style
      • raises Full Cowl to 8% regular output

    • Internship Arc: what I think season 4 should encompass
      • Izuku can bring out 20% One for All for short periods but his regular output remains at 8%
    • Remedial Lisence exam arc: (Sometime in November)
    • UA cultural festival Arc
      • Izuku can now utilize ranged ai…

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  • Roranoa Drake II

    Special:Forums got removed and got migrated to /d , so this will have to do for now. We'll probably go back to doing forums the old fashioned way in Forum:Index. Here's the link to the discussion

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  • Kakarots

    Helping Out

    January 29, 2018 by Kakarots

    I have been using this site since the end of 2014, I noticed that there was lots of information missing from this wiki so I stated helping out this year. 

    I added info of the last 100 chapter to individual character like:

    • Gran Torino
    • Enji Todoroki
    • Hizashi Yamada
    • Dabi, Atsuhiro, Shigaraki
    • Camie, Inasa.
    • All Might
    • Shoto
    • Bakugo
    • And many more.

    I have also added raw chapter covers, and replaced manga images with english to the raw(Japanese).

    In the image policy page it says that "Images for your profile should not be uploaded to the wiki. Please upload them to another image sharing site and import them here." does this include images from other wiki's, if so how do you use images from other wiki's without having to uploud them to this wiki.

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Name: Hana Tachibana

    Hero name: Monkey Princess

    Quirk: Monkey-Form

    Quirk Description: Monkey-Form is a mutant type quirk which grants Hana a variety of monkey-like abilities. These include prehensile feet and prehensile tail, enhanced climbing, enhanced agility and reflexes, enhanced balance, and enhanced strength. Hana’s fighting style relies heavily on speed, agility, and especially on misdirection.

    Appearance: Hana has chocolate eyes and spiky red hair. She has monkey tail protruding from her lower back. Hana is always barefoot when wearing her school uniform.

    Background: Hana Tachibana is a 14 year old student at Yuuei High School and the main protagonist of "My Hero Academia: Family Honor". Hana is the daughter of the notorious villain The …

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  • TheHaloVeteran

    Work so far

    September 21, 2017 by TheHaloVeteran

    Hi, im quite new to this wiki so I 'd just like to note the progress I have made on edits and a couple questions I have

    I have been removing text from the speech bubbles of manga pages listed in Category:Images_with_Text as well as going through the chapter wikis and removing the text from their cover panels. I also replaced one of the images with a png format image whilst I was there and currently I have removed the text from 9 chapter cover pages and am continuing to do so

    • Why does the page for Death Arms use the Romaji spelling of his japanese name? I thought we either use their real names or their Engluish translated hero names if we don't know their actual names?
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  • Sannse

    Seeking Volunteer Curators

    September 12, 2017 by Sannse

    Hey Boku no Hero Academia Wiki community!

    I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

    To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the anime subreddit or follow anime news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

    We're looking for people like you to help us round out our anime coverage - e…

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  • Desboy96

    After a couple long weeks of hard work, I have finally caught up to the episode pages. 30 re-written summaries and like a million images later I'm ready to move on to the next phase of helping out. 

    I've added a screenshots section to the infobox so anyone can see all the images from a certain episode. I've also tagged almost every picture I'm uploaded with categories. I ask that everyone follow suit with any pictures you notice haven't been categorized. If any picture is from episode one, simply add Episode 1 Images to the categories. If Izuku is featured in the picture, add Izuku Midoriya Images to the categories. 

    I would like to formally request to become the head of the image department. I think I've more then proved my dedication to th…

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  • Desboy96

    For anybody who's reading my name is Desmond (aka Desboy96) and quite the fan of the My Hero Academia Anime. I started editing Wikia about 6 years ago. I got my start with Beyblade and accumulated a lot of editing experience before I retired a couple of years ago. I returned to the wiki scene to join the wiki of my favorite anime, My Hero Academia. At first I was impressed with the aesthetics of the wiki, but to be honest... after further inspection I found there's a lot of work to be done. Now this isn't my attempt to take over or make my claim for admin or anything like that. I also don't mean for anyone to take this as me telling them what to do. I'd also like to avoid offending anyone. I'm simply letting you know I that I can help, I w…

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