Artificial Humans, also known as Nomus, are individuals who were modified by the League of Villains.


Though they may have different appearances, in size, color, shape and extremities, they all have their brains exposed, with their eyes planted in them.


The Artificial Humans do not have a personality; they are only able to follow orders and cannot think for themselves.


As speculated by the police, as well as Toshinori Yagi, the artificial humans are the probable result of All For One's quirk, which had the unfortunate drawback of leaving many people brain damaged and completely obedient after having received quirks from him. But the exact process as to their creation has not been fully revealed.

Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

The artificial human Nomu fights alongside the League of Villains against the students of Class 1-A. Despite Shota Aizawa's nullifying Nomu's quirk, the behemoth was still able to pin the pro hero to the ground. In the end Nomu is defeated by All Might and is taken into custody by the Police Force.

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Tomura Shigaraki orders three artificial humans to wreak havoc in Hosu. One of the three artificial humans throws a pro hero into a driving train. Gran Torino then charges at the villain.[1] Endeavor manages to defeat two artificial humans and Stain kills the third.

Powers and Abilities

Each Artificial Human possess one or multiple Quirks; some like Nomu's have two specific Quirks that were given to him to counter All Might's.

Artificial Humans are brain dead due to the heavy experimentation and Quirk implantation performed on them (as seen in Nomu's case); this has caused the Artificial Humans to lose their speech, personality and response. The Artificial Humans only respond and take action through the orders of their superiors, as Nomu did not attempt to fight back from being restrained by the Police Force, nor did he respond to any question that the Police Force gave him.



  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 50

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