Toshinori Yagi vs. All For One is a battle fought between Pro Hero All Might and the Villain All For One.


All Might jumps from the sky and attacks All For One, only for his attack to be caught mid-air. All Might then rushes towards All For One, then All For One uses his combination of quirks to knock All-Might through multiple buildings. Then there is some monologue between All For One and the League of Villains eventually resulting in their escape; Izuku's group uses this opportunity to save Katsuki in which they succeed. All Might then rushes forward and his attack is blocked by All For One.

He later rushes towards All For One but All For One uses Impact Reversal to the Gran Torino in front of his blow. All-Might then uses Detroit Smash. All Might then slams All For One's body into the ground, damaging the helmet All For One had on. All For One then attempts to anger All Might by bringing up his "Master", All For One takes advantage of All-Might's anger and uses his combined quirks to launch All-Might in the air. All For One later uses All Might's justice against him as he doesn't dodge the blow but blocks it in order to defend the woman stuck in the rubble behind him.

All Might's weakened form is then revealed on live television from the impact he took from All For One. Everyone is cheering for All-Might to win, he uses the muscle from on his right arm as a decoy while putting One for All in his left side; the Pro Heroes extract the wounded and unconscious so All-Might can use all of his power. All For One uses the Quirk combination of "Locomotive Corkscrew" "Explosiveness" X4 "Muscular Enhancement" X3 "Multiplication" "Hypertrophy" "Rivet" "Airwalk" and "Bonespear".

They then collide; All Might with his decoy punch and All For One with his "final" punch. He then charges his left arm with One for All and uses a smash on All For One's face. All Might's final punch is then used, the punch that exhausts his powers, the move is called "United States of Smash". All Might hits All For One directly in the side of his face with the "United States of Smash" which defeats All For One and All-Might rains victorious as All For One lies unconscious on the ground.


All Might uses the last of his One For All "embers" and retires. As a result of All Might's retirement, new villains start to appear and as a result crime has increased.


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