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Acid is a Quirk used by Mina Ashido.


Mina Climbing

Mina using her acid for climbing.

Mina's Quirk allows her to create corrosive liquid from her skin, being able to control its levels of solubility and viscosity. Aside from acid attacks, she can also use her liquid to make the ground slippery and slide across or to melt parts of a wall to make it easier to climb.[1] Her Quirk can also be used to open entrance holes on floors and walls by melting them, making her a good choice for espionage.

One of the downsides of her Quirk is that if she makes a single mistake, her clothes may be dissolved as well. Her Quirk also alters her skin pigment, resulting in her having a purplish skin.[2] She also has a limit of how long she can keep producing acid through her skin.[3]

Named TechniquesEdit

Acid Veil

Acid Veil.

  • Acid Veil (アシッドベール Ashiddobēru?): Mina's special move, by maximizing her acid's solubility and viscosity, she creates a powerful acid wall which blocks incoming projectiles. It is strong enough to block hardened balls (which are stronger than concrete) with ease.[4]


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