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Muscular’s Potential

I’ve seen a lot of people say that Muscular was a really weak villain, as he was defeated by Deku. But his Quirk “Muscle Augmentation” is extremely powerful but was underused because it’s user, is really stupid. Here’s some facts as to why he could have been potentially the strongest villain. Deku used two Detroit smashes and the iconic one million percent Smash. A Detroit Smash in Deku’s words “That’s as much as all might’s power”. All might took out the slime villain with a Detroit Smash with just one punch, and muscular took one of those to the face and got right back up. The Delaware, Detroit Smash, Or One million percent punch is the same think all might used to finish the Nomu. It was so much power that the Nomu couldn’t absorb it all and it literally imploded. And the fact that muscular even survived that is mind boggling. DEKU ONLY USES 5-8% OF ONE FOR ALL AGAINST STUDENTS AND HE’S STILL ONE OF THE STRONGEST STUDENTS. And that’s just how he was taken down, Then taking into mind the massive offensive capabilities of his quirk, he coulda been extremely powerful if he wasn’t so stupid
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If All Might used one of those Quirk Enhancer Drug Needles Like in chapter 133, could he get some of his quirk back?

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What are Quirks? #SPOILORS

So with everything that’s happened in Manga recently, it seems as if Quirks are a lot more special than just some Super-Power than we realised, after all, it does seem strange how certain Quirks seem to be a bit more supernatural in their nature, like All For One & One For All for example or even Overhaul’s Quirk which is just blatantly alchemy... I honestly wonder where Horikoshi is going next with this, or if he’ll just end up making this theory null & void, ah well, what’s your guy’s opinion on all this?

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Hello everyone I'm new to this website and I'm glad that I got a hold of this and I hope very one on here had a very nice day

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Slight spoilers, but nothing that’ll ruin the Anime for you, just some power-scaling help👍👍👍

So I was talking to a group of my friends earlier on & they surprised me by saying “seeing All Might’s 100% United States Of Smash! Finally Animated was awesome” (we’ve all read the Manga by the way), it honestly shocked me that they had completely forgotten about what was stated in the Manga... so here it is:

“Just FYI, it’s later revealed that Deku’s body at present is restricting him from fully activating 100% of One For All as he can’t handle it yet, also before anyone asks, no I’m not talking about the doctor in the hospital, this is later in the Manga when All Might himself tells Deku that his ‘100%’ Smashes! Was actually 20% & his 1,000,000% Delaware, Detroit Smash! Was actually either 30% or 40% of his full strength! While All Might’s United States Of Smash! Was 50% or 60% of his full strength... sooo... 😱 yeah, One For All is ridiculously Overwhelmingly-Over-Powered! Just imagine how powerful All For One was back in the day to cause such a major injury to All Might! 😱😱😱”

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Better Couple?

  • Todoroki and MoMo
  • Deku and Ochako
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Does anyone know the name of the track that plays when Mirio gives his speech to 1-A after defeating them?

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Blue eyes....HOLY HECK!

So There's a theory going around that Dabi's Endeavors kid mainly due to his fire type quirk and Blue eyes...but there's only two characters with eyes identical if not just as blue as his.

Endeavor... and All might Endeavor has the exact same eyes as Dabi and All might has eyes that are just as blue. But Yagi toshinori All might in civilian form was born quirkless whilst Endeavor was born WITH a quirk a fire type one none the less

However All might doesn't seem like the type of person to just up and leave a girl if he got her pregnant UNLESS it was to protect her and the unborn child

I feel Endeavor would however be the type of man to just up and leave a girl if he got her pregnant and he A.) didn't want the child or B.) Felt the girls quirk wasn't powerful enough for him if she even has one

So whose kid is he?
  • All might
  • Endeavor
  • Neither
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Mha Characters

Who would the Bnha students be if they were Fairy Tail characters?
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Why is the Touya Todoroki page uneditable


all i wanna add is that he has a fire power w/ ice resistance, and that hes more powerful than Endeavour :( can anyone else add this on? my poor boys page is so blank

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All might?

¿la expresión de Mirio y Deku es por All Might o por Eri?
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Fan story

Anyone know where I can find the fan story “All for One, One for All” where Izuku gets sent back in time?
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How Deep and Dark would you rate My Hero Academia

How deep and how dark would you say is the story around the world of my hero academia? And why?

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alright so, I want to disscuss the actual biological function of quirks. quirk biology, which I unofficially dub as "quirkology". the 1st quirk manifested in a baby for an unexplained reason. I have a feeling that baby will pop up sometime later in the future, as a flashback. why would you make a fictional town if you're not gonna use it? perhaps midoriyah travels to qing qing at some point to learn the origin of quirks...

anyway, as for basic biology of how they function, that's mostly a mystery. bakugo says that quirks are physical abilities and as such, they require some form of energy to use. however, I want to know where exactly Todoroki's fire COMES from. you cant shoot fire from your hands without some form of heat source. with bakugo, his explosions come from his own sweat which makes sense, sweat is a biological ability that all humans have, we sweat so our bodies cool us down, it just happens that bakugo's sweat is replaced with a substance that functions similarly to nitroglycerin. how do people know that they have a quirk or how to use it? during a few scenes, it seems that some people have "unlocked" special techniques where they use there quirk in a way that they never knew it worked. so we know that people don't automatically know the 100% full extent of their own quirks. how do tenya's engines work? where does the exhaust come from? does he have actual car parts in his legs? perhaps the biological function of quirks will one day be explained...

edit: one thing i'd like to add is that quirks seem to break the "rules" of genetics. they way genetics gets passed down is that you inherit either one trait or the other from your parents, not a combination of two. this is contradicted by shoto's quirk.

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Shouto Todoroki fans! <3

I love Shouto!! (♥ω♥*) who are fans of Shouto here?!

I love how the author make the appearance and quirk of Shouto.. so cool and badass!! He is so lovable! (✿ ♥‿♥)

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Why don't the heroes wear armor?

Why don't the heroes of BNHA wear protective clothing? I mean, they only wear stuff to enhance their quirk's usages but no protective clothing. Even in current day, we have Kevlar Vests which can stop bullets. Am I to believe their futuristic, highly technologically advanced society, doesn't have a nice, light weight armor for them to wear? I might understand long-ranged heroes not wearing them but even close-ranged fighters don't wear protective gear. Heck, even Eraserhead doesn't! You'd think the Batman of the series would have a little more on his body than paper thin rags. Instead, all the characters are basically in underoos.

Note: Since Eraser's outfit is so baggy, I'm just going to assume he has a thin, bullet proof vest underneath because it's illogical for a non-physical quirk user of close ranged combat fighting to not to have any. Eraser would be a person to take any means to get ahead in the game. Including, you know, defensive gear to protect himself from physical attacks since he is essentially quirkless (erasure only evens the playing field).

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Okay so this is me going back to the traitor theory, and I understand the fandom has relatively calmed down on this, and I have previously voiced my opinion on this topic, and I do stay true to it, but I'm just elucidating another possibility. What if the traitor was Midnight? I still hold firm to that it is Hagakure (The invisible girl), but I do see it being Midnight too and that is only for one reason. Mustard. As in, the 13 year old villain who was part of the Training Camp Arc. This is because of his quirk, "Sleep Gas". The literal definition of his quirk is that "This Quirk grants Mustard the ability to generate a poisonous, sleep-inducing gas, which he can control at will." This is the definition from the wiki, but has the fandom decided this or did Horikoshi state this? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember anytime in the anime or the manga where it actually explains the property of Mustard's quirk. What if it isn't he could emit this poisonous gas, but simply manipulate/ control all gases? I was thinking about this for a while because I'm pretty positive that it's the same gas Midnight emits, and she doesn't need a mask. I know full well that not all quirks are the same, but Mustard needs a mask because his gas affects him. Now why would that be? Unless, he himself can't emit that gas and so it is still effective on him, but he can control it because that is what his quirk does. I understand this has an insane amount of holes and I was most likely being dumb and missed something but hey it's 2 am where I am I'm half asleep right now. If anything I'm gonna wake up later and feel incredibly stupid after rereading this. Anyway, conclusion is that Midnight possibly supplied the Vanguard Action Squad with that gas, and it was up to Mustard to control it.

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