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Todoroki's Taste in Music

Okay, so I have a pretty good general idea of what Midoriya's and Bakugo's taste in music could be, but I'm not so sure about Todoroki. (I couldn't put a whole list of genres so there could be a genre that I didn't put here that he might like too. I might possibly put another poll with the top 3 here and with different genres on that one)

So, what genre of music do you think Todoroki likes?
  • Soul
  • Jazz
  • Pop/K-Pop/J-Pop
  • Hip-Hop
  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Doesn't like music
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Christmas Quirk Ideas

Anyone got any quirk ideas that are somewhat relating to Christmas?
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I might be super late but this is cool! But oh well

They are making the 4th season of boku no hero! I’m excited I wonder what’s going to be in it?!
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1-B quirks

I have a question.

Why do some 1-B people have better quirks than 1-A? For example, there is a quirk called comic-book that seems really cool and effective to use in battles...

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now imagine THIS scenario

ururaka and midoriyah have a kid, since midoriyah wasn't born with a quirk, the kid inherits zero gravity instead. now imagine shoto and momo having a kid. now, imagine shoto/momo's kid having a kid with midoriyah/ururaka's kid. that kid inherits ALL the quirks from its family line. the kid has: zero gravity, creation and half-cold half hot all at once.

now imagine this kid inheriting OFA.

and so, the kid has the ability to make objects weightless, the ability to create anything, the ability to emit ice and fire AND super-strength from OFA.

hero name: "god"

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What u do if...

Had zero gravity for 1 day
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Shoto Todoroki

I thought this picture was beautiful. (Credits to the artist)

Post image
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Who would win in a fight

  • saitama[mha]
  • all for one [mha]
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• 2d

Who would win in a fight

  • Nastu dragoneel [fairy tail]
  • Shoto todoroki [mha]
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Hisashi Midoriya

I'm just curious. If you have another opinion then you can tell me in the comments.

Who do you think is Midoriya's dad?
  • A normal overseas worker
  • All Might
  • All For One
  • Endeavor
  • A Hero
  • A Villain
  • A Spy
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Who would win a fight

  • Might guy (Naruto)
  • [Original] All might (mha)
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